My current skincare regime with Avène D-Pigment

A little while ago, my go-to skin care brand, Avène, launched their new D-Pigment Range. I have been using these products religiously for the past 2 months and, coupled with my regular peels and treatments, noticed an improved difference in my skin tone and texture. I have written about the brand many times and have used at least one product a day from them since their launch and have never looked back. If you are struggling with an uneven skin tone, then this range is for you!

How I use them:

In the morning, after cleansing, I spray a light mist of my trusty, Avène Thermale water over my face and wait for it to absorb. I then apply a thin layer of the D-Pigment Lightening Serum which helps to keep my skin bright, clear and radiant. I love that it has a nourishing yet light formulation that doesn’t burn or sting my skin. This product helps to brighten due to the addition of Vitamin C which also helps to boost the cellular renewal of the skin. It also contains Myrtle plant extracts to help with free radical fighting and contains the brilliant Thermale water to soothe the skin. After, I apply a generous layer of the Avène SPF 50 and find that it creates a great base for my makeup. It leaves no white streaks and absorbs to an almost matte finish.

At night, I repeat the above process but instead of SPF, use a light layer of the D-Pigment Riche over my spots and pigmentation before climbing into bed. This is an absolute brilliant product that reduces both localised and widespread dark spots while preventing the appearance of new spots. It evens out the skin tone and is both paraben and fragrance free. This is due to its inclusion Melanyde which an active ingredient that helps you achieve an even, radiant complexion. One of the things that Avène stressed about the most at the launch of this range is that you need to be using an SPF while using these products, particularly the D-Pigment Riche so that you provide even more protection to your skin.

I have found that the above regime has been wonderful on my skin and hasn’t clogged my pores or caused an increase in breakouts (I usually breakout when products are too rich or when my diet or body goes into a crazy mode). Thus far, this regime has been a constant but I have been careful to stop using it 3 days before and after any treatment (laser, Dermapen, peels). I have also been using this regime on a dark spot on my leg and noticed a significant improvement in tone and texture of the skin around it. Sadly, I seemed to have deleted my ‘before’ which was taken about 2.5 months ago but will try to upload another in due time.

The products are available both online and at Clicks stores nationwide.




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