My current skincare regime with Avène D-Pigment

A little while ago, my go-to skin care brand, Avène, launched their new D-Pigment Range. I have been using these products religiously for the past 2 months and, coupled with my regular peels and treatments, noticed an improved difference in my skin tone and texture. I have written about the brand many times and have used at least one product a day from them since their launch and have never looked back. If you are struggling with an uneven skin tone, then this range is for you!

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Four Months Later


Before I start this post about my amazing treatments at Skin Renewal, I need to apologize for not uploading in a while. First it was the fast and then I was writing exams and, between being sick with a cold and flu to graduating (subtle bragging), I simply never had a chance to sit down and type – let alone respond to mails. However, it has been more than a week since my last appointment at Skin Renewal and I definitely need to share my over-all experience as well as some tips for some of you who might be interested to pay the clinic a visit.

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When I heard that I would soon be receiving the award winning FOREO LUNA to test out, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Would it be another Clarisonic wana be? Would it also need to have its brush heads replaced every three months so that it does more good than harm? And most importantly, would it just be another scheme to get people to dish out money for something they don’t even need? I decided to not to get my hopes up due to the hurricane of face-brushes hitting the market in and instead, patiently waited for my package to arrive so I could test it out for myself.

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