The Essentials with Poetry – A Statement Tee

Keeping in with my last post from my ‘Essentials with Poetry’, I thought I would share another simpler way in which I wear these super comfortable Nylah Skinny Denims and Jenna Sandals.  I chose this 100% cotton printed top simply because it adds a bit of subtle luxury to any look and, when paired with denims, seems effortless without being overwhelming. I particularly enjoy how the sandals give structure to the look without stealing the attention away from the top.

I have been enjoying wearing this Miriam mixed media t-shirt both during the day and at night and love pairing it with a blazer or coat. When it is cold out and an open sandal just won’t do, then pairing it with one of the pumps or loafers from Poetry would work just as well. I chose this top both for its versatility and due to the fact that it is made with 100% cotton. It doesn’t crease easily which is a blessing when you’re layering the look or tucking it into a high waisted skinny. I also found that having a printed t-shirt like this one, compliments my wardrobe quite well in the sense that it allows me to be a little creative and change up my look with minimal effort. The different colours on the top also mean that you could pair it with a variety of shades such as browns, greens or pinks.







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