The top 4 sunscreens I keep on hand everyday

By now I am pretty sure that almost every one of us know the importance of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis whether you are prancing around on the beach, sitting in traffic all day or simply even just being in the shade. I remember once asking my therapist at Skin Renewal whether or not I need to wear sunscreen if I was going to be home all day and her response was ‘in the day-time, your house is flooded with light coming from the windows, that’s all the sun’s rays coming through and it can still affect your skin’. Who knew? In light of this, I decided to share with you all the top 4 sunblock’s I keep on hand every single day and why I love them.

First up is the Avéne SPF50+ Suncreen Spray (200ml) and the Avéne Water Resistant SPF50+ face cream (50ml -pictured far left and far right). It’s no surprise that I am utterly in-love with this brand (my mom and I use a minimum of 5 Avéne products per day!) As you can see, the face cream is already quite empty (it’s probably my favorite out of the lot) because I use it all the time. Like all the products in the range, both the spray and face cream contains thermal spring water which is known for its gentle and anti-irritation properties. Both are suitable for sensitive skin and gives you maximum protection with the SPF50. The face cream retails for R229 and you can buy it here while the sunscreen spray retails for R299 and you can purchase it here (or get both at Clicks stores).

I am also a huge fan of the Celltone SPF50 Water Resistant Sunscreen mainly because the formulation is just so darn great (PS: The Proteas use Celltone Sunscreen too!). This one in particular is made for acne prone skin and contains argan oil, Pro-Vitamin B and Vitamin E. It also doesn’t leave any white streaks on your skin, is a great moisturiser and leaves your skin with a mattifying effect so it works really well if you have an oily skin tone. It retails for R200 and you can purchase it online here or get it Clicks and Dischem stores.

Finally, with a slightly less SPF protection is the Hannon Daily Sunblock Moisturiser with SPF30. This is a really great product and, just like the rest, leaves no white streaks on the skin. The formulation is slightly richer and thicker than the rest and can be used as a normal daily moisturiser. It too can be used on acne and inflammation prone skin due to its added zinc oxide.

It retails for R285 and can be purchased off the Hannon online store over here.


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  1. Is the Hannon one a chemical or physical sunscreen? Is zinc oxide the main sun protection ingredient in the product? 🙂

    1. Hey Thomas,

      Thank you for your comment. This post was published more than a year ago so I no longer have anything left of the product. I had a look at the site (you can find it here: and I don’t think that Zinc Oxide is the main ingredient. Annoyingly, they don’t say what the ingredients are but, if you are looking for a really good sunscreen then I would highly recommend one from Avene. They are sold at Clicks and Dis-Chem stores and I use this everyday.

      Hope this helps!

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