When I heard that I would soon be receiving the award winning FOREO LUNA to test out, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Would it be another Clarisonic wana be? Would it also need to have its brush heads replaced every three months so that it does more good than harm? And most importantly, would it just be another scheme to get people to dish out money for something they don’t even need? I decided to not to get my hopes up due to the hurricane of face-brushes hitting the market in and instead, patiently waited for my package to arrive so I could test it out for myself.

When I received it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it looked nothing like the other face brushes and even better, it felt nothing like them too. The LUNA is kind of egg shaped and instead of having a detachable, fibrous headed brush, it has tiny nonabrasive, nonporous and rounded silicone touch pads that vibrate at adjustable intensities to clear the grime off your skin. What I absolutely love about this is that because it is silicone and actually part of the device, it doesn’t absorb any dirt or cleansing products like other brushes which not only causes the bristles to break, but hoards tons of bacteria that you end up using to ‘clean’ your face day in and day out.

The LUNA is super easy to use and interestingly enough requires only a one hour charge which gives you about 450 uses! It is also 100% waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting the entire product wet in the shower. I have been using it morning and night for about two weeks or so and already notice that I have much smoother skin. Actually, to be quite honest and to avoid sounding like an obsessed fan, I noticed smoother and firmer skin after the very first time I tried it!

I know it sounds a bit crazy to use something morning and night but because it’s so gentle, you can. It is definitely unable to harm the skin and instead, just ups your cleansing routine so much that you can actually feel the products getting absorbed easier and get to work faster. It is designed to be used for two minutes in the morning and night which you use to kind of massage your facial cleanser into your skin and work it up into a nice lather. You simply wet your face, apply your product then use the LUNA to thoroughly cleanse the skin’s surface for a brighter, firmer and smoother look. I also found that is is really a wonder at removing every single trace of makeup that you may have, no matter how long lasting it is. Plus, it’s absolutely fuss free so if you are anything like me and hate removing makeup, then this will definitely make life easier.

With its sophisticated and easy to hold design, it makes the schlep of cleansing a true luxury; but how does it work? Basically those silicone touch pads I mentioned above are activated though T-Sonic (transdermal sonic) pulsations which remove dead skin cells and cleanses the pores of dirt, oil and makeup residue while, as mentioned above, increase the absorption of your skincare products.

Plus, the best part of this product is that it has a 2 year guarantee and a ten year warrantee! Did I mention  that it is now available in South Africa as well and comes in a mini as well as a variant for men? Purchase your LUNA here and say hello to flawless, smooth and firm skin in a matter of 2 minutes! I have definitely come to understand the crazy hype which this innovative invention has brought on, and it seems like Vanity Fair, Elle, Vogue UK, Vogue Italy, Elle Italy and Shape (among thousands of other publications) understand it too!


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Miss Saib

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