My morning routine with Avène

To be honest, I’ve started feeling as if I write about Avène too much – but I can’t help it. These products are so amazing and no, this is not a sponsored post. I have been using this brand since it launched in South Africa (I feel like it might be 3 years now) and have repurchased multiple products time and time again simply because they are gentle, fuss-free and most importantly, they work! Have a read below to find out why I love these 4 products pictured above and how they make part of my morning routine.

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The top 4 sunscreens I keep on hand everyday

By now I am pretty sure that almost every one of us know the importance of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis whether you are prancing around on the beach, sitting in traffic all day or simply even just being in the shade. I remember once asking my therapist at Skin Renewal whether or not I need to wear sunscreen if I was going to be home all day and her response was ‘in the day-time, your house is flooded with light coming from the windows, that’s all the sun’s rays coming through and it can still affect your skin’. Who knew? In light of this, I decided to share with you all the top 4 sunblock’s I keep on hand every single day and why I love them.

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Sun protection lessons with Avéne



Summer might not be completely upon us as yet, but that doesn’t meant that your sunblock shouldn’t be getting any action. We all know the importance of sunscreen so I’m not going to lecture you all too much… instead, I want to share with you the sunblock that I have been using everyday on my face and body and why you should get it too.

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