Bath Time Bliss with Rain Africa

Rain Africa recently launched a delicious new range of fizz balls which are all kinds of both amazing and therapeutic. One only needs to take a walk past a Rain Africa, take a whiff of the relaxing scents that fill the air and suddenly be transported to a place filled with peace and relaxation and, by popping one of these into your tub, you are sure to reach that place a little sooner.

These fizz balls provide a sense of indulgence yet are quite easy on the pocket with the priciest being R55. I also experimented with them and cut a small piece off to try as a foot soak and reached that same level of utter relaxation as one would get from a bath so, if water restrictions have you hanged up, you can cut one up into at least 3 pieces and make them last!

All of them smell utterly delicious and, the first thing I did when any friend or family member came visiting was stuff the fizz balls in their face and nod along as they ‘ooh’ and ‘aaah’d’ at the scent #notsorry.

The yellow one is Fizz Lemon and kind of smells like a lemon tree on steroids. My one friend reminded me that it smells like how our madressa (Islamic school of learning) used to at Moulood time when we were about 10 years old and I couldn’t agree more! Plus, what’s really sweet about this one is that it has a ribbon with a message hidden on the inside and contains a splash of West Indian Lemongrass oil. It retails for R49.00 at Rain stores and online.

Next up is the invigorating Fizz Stardust which contains activated bamboo charcoal that detoxifies the skin, coconut oil to moisturize and basil essential oil to help with acne and skin infections. However, this is quite moisturising and oily so take care to be extra careful when in the tub. I seriously love this one as it leaves my skin feeling both super hydrated and energized after a simple soak. The charcoal does kind of stain the tub after use so you need to wipe it down quite well after. Retails for R49.00

And finally, the sweet explosion of happiness named Pomegranate Heart that contains pomegranate and mandarin essential oils to help with circulation while providing antiseptic properties. This is quite sweet but, just like the others, it’s really, really great. It’s also quite bigger than the others and will make a really great gift for a friend who enjoys sweeter scents come bath time. The Pomegranate Heart retails for R55.99

As like all of Rain Africa’s products, the fizz balls are hand crafted with all natural ingredients that are sustainably hand harvested by women living in remote areas of South Africa, are vegan and are not tested on animals.

Shop the rest of the collection online over here


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