Esse launches Probiotic Skincare

Esse skincare is known for their gentle yet effective products that all contain a powerhouse of ingredients to make sure that whatever your skin concern, they have the answer. The brand recently launched a new product which I have been using every night now and to be quite honest, is super darn exciting!

The whole idea behind the Probiotic Range is that Esse creates an environment on the skin that favors the growth of beneficial microbes by adding prebiotics that feed these good microbes. I know that this sounds really weird but hear me out. Without these microbes, your skin is unable to perform basic tasks and skin ageing increases sharply. These probiotics improve hydration levels on the skin and reduce sensitivity, which is something I can vouch for. Esse has included live probiotic microbes in two of their serums which in turn, make functional changes to the skin’s microbiome

For about a month now, I have been testing out the Esse Sensitive range to normalise my skin and the way it works is that all the products in the range contain organic ingredients to restore the barrier function of the skin so that it is no longer sensitised. The range minimises the chances if an allergic reaction by educating the skin to be less reactive and slowly start to normalise, which is something I definitley needed. I cannot really choose my favorite product from the range as they all work pretty well and drastically reduced my breakouts but, I will say that the Sensitive Serum and Sensitive Cleanser are absolute winners.

I particularly love the cleanser because of how gentle yet effective it is, A little squeeze of it mixed with water takes off ALL of my makeup and leaves my skin super clean and fresh. I was quite surprised at how well it works to break down the dirt as the cleaner is non-foaming and quite thin.

The serum however possibly deserves a blog post all on it’s own. This product contains more than 1 billion live probiotics per millilitre which active on contact with water on the skin. It feels like nothing on the skin and just sinks in as soon as you apply it. Its also quite moisturizing and has a gentle scent plus, you only need to use a tiny bit to cover your entire face and neck.

I definitely found that since using these products, my skin was less inflammed and hardly bothered me (besides the break out once a month) and will definitely continue using it. It’s not really made for acne prone skin but it definitley helped to calm mine down more than any other product I have used and I am guessing its because everything in the brand is certified organic, vegan and cruelty free which means no unnecessary gunk ‘helping’ your skin.

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