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Gosh Copenhagen recently introduced a new line of quality makeup brushes which, unlike their previous range, is made using the the softest possible fibres and highest quality material. There are 4 brushes as part of this new release and every single one of them have a permanent home in my makeup brush collection.

I received all 4 as part of the press drop about a month ago and honestly, have not been using any other brushes since. All the brushes are made with synthetic hair which is great as it means that your makeup won’t absorb into the bristles (saving you some more of your expensive foundation!), plus, it is more sanitary than natural hair and allows for a more precise makeup application as the hairs gravitate towards each other while application.

My favorite form the range is the Kabuki brush (R240.00) which I use every single day without fail for my foundation application. It provides a really great coverage and leaves you with such flawless finish, I actually cannot even understand how I applied foundation before this Kabuki! The brushes are also really easy to wash and, even though it is recommend to wash them 1 -2 times a month (because it doesn’t absorb product) I give them a quick rinse with gentle face wash about every 3 days. I also really love the Foundation brush (R240.00) for the days when I feel horrible and need some more coverage. The other two brushes from the range is the Powder brush (R240) and the Blusher brush (170.00) which are a both quite dense and fluffy.
I also got two of the new GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliners as well as the new Double Precision Mascara which are so great! The liners are super soft and glide on both the waterline and eyelid with ease. The black one is my favorite by far as it looks really great with a smokey eye. They do however smoke out after the day so I wouldn’t go swimming in them or expect it to last very long. The mascara is quite nice for everyday wear and have two brushes on either side, one for the top lashes and one for the bottom. I don’t ever wear mascara on my bottom lashes just because I absolutely hate the way it looks, but I really love using the smaller brush (for the bottom lashes) on my upper lashes as it really gets every single hair and gives a very understated, no makeup-makeup look which I love, especially for campus.

You can get these products at selected Edgars Stores nationwide and visit their website here


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