My morning routine with Avène

To be honest, I’ve started feeling as if I write about Avène too much – but I can’t help it. These products are so amazing and no, this is not a sponsored post. I have been using this brand since it launched in South Africa (I feel like it might be 3 years now) and have repurchased multiple products time and time again simply because they are gentle, fuss-free and most importantly, they work! Have a read below to find out why I love these 4 products pictured above and how they make part of my morning routine.

After washing my face with the Ponds Pimple Clear face wash and then applying my spot treatment (this is the only product that has helped with breakouts, read more about it here), my skin immediately feels like it needs some hydration, especially in this super cold and dry winter months. The only thing that really seems to help combat this dryness is two pumps of the Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum which is enriched with a high content of the thermal spring water found in all of their products. Because of its intensive hydrating power that your skin can’t help but drink up, it provides your skin with 24 hour moisturizing benefits and relives any tightness and irritation you may be suffering with. I have been using this product for 2 years now and am currently on my third bottle. However, it is only during the winter months that I use 2 pumps as in summer, 1 is sufficient. What I enjoy about this serum is that it is lightweight and applies like a dream without leaving your hands or face feeling oily or tacky.

You can purchase it at Clicks for R299.95 by clicking here 

After my serum, depending on whether I will be wearing makeup that day, I apply a tiny bit of the Mattifying Fluid which helps to let my foundation apply seamlessly. I do however, love using this in the summer months as the product contains glutamic acid which helps to control oil production on the skin and leaves you looking mattified by soaking up excess oil. It also helps to minimize pores and improve the skin tone and complexion. It too, contains thermal spring water and is perhaps the lightest moisturizer I have ever used. Like the serum, it simply just melts away into your skin and leaves you with a lightly scented, almost velvety texture which, as mentioned above, makes applying foundation a breeze.

Purchase it here at Clicks for R259.95

SPF is perhaps the most important step in your skin care routine and this sunscreen is my absolute favourite by far.  Along with the Thermal water, I have been using this since the brand launched in South Africa and am yet to find an SPF I love as much as this one. The Very High Protection SPF 50 Dry Touch Water Resistant Emulsion is hypoallergenic and fragrance free plus, it leaves no white streaks on your body.  What I love about this is that it’s not tacky and so easy to apply. The bottle is also really nifty and can easily fit into your handbag without taking up much space. If you do want a more sensitive version or even something with less SPF then be sure to have a look at their sunscreen collection. It would be nearly impossible to find something that wouldn’t work for you!

Get it here at Clicks for R229.95

Finally, the brand recently launched the Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Skin Tone Perfector which is somewhat a mix between a tinted moisturizer and hydrating cream. It’s created for normal to combination and dry/sensitive skin which is subtly tinted to give you a healthy, radiant glow (you can see the tint in the image above). I love wearing this under makeup as a primer as it almost illuminates my makeup while letting it last longer than it usually would. The combination of mineral and illuminating pigments in the product instantly corrects pigmentation on the skin and while making any dullness disappear. I hardly ever use concealer and using this product under my foundation not only allows me to use less foundation that I usually would, but gives me a flawless finish that looks as if I have concealer and corrector on! Because it contains SPF 30, it protects the skin from UV exposure but doesn’t give you the horrible ‘oil slick’ look when being photographed.

Get it at Clicks for R199.90 here


Have you used any of these products yet? Let me know in the comments below!


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