What I’m loving from Catrice right now

Catrice cosmetics are always coming out with new and affordable high quality products that promise to do what they say more often that not.  This brand is, in my opinion one of the greatest drug-store available brands we have in South Africa and is right up the alley with NYX and Essence with regards to formulation and quality. There are a couple of products in my makeup favorites stash from this brand which I absolutely adore and use religiously (such as the Nude eye shadow palette and Prime and Fine powder) and now, I am happy to announce that these five have too been a very welcomed addition to the clique.

First up, I chose the Catrice Velvet Matte Smokey Eyes Pencil in 010- Please, Mauve Black! and just adore it. It comes with a thin, soft and tapered brush at the end which you can so cleverly use to smudge or blend out the pencil for a soft smokey eye. I particularly love this product because it is the first one I see which uses a brush to blend out the product instead of the dreaded sponge applicator. The pencil itself applies like a dream and is quite soft and smokey. The only downside is that its an actual pencil so you need to keep sharpening it to keep it fresh and pointy. It costs only R44.95 and comes in a brown shade as well as emerald which would be great it you want a toned down smokey eye or if you not too fond of the harshness of a black liner.

The Smokey Eyes Set in 030 – Meet me at the bonfire is such a fab buy and a great product to get if you only just starting to experiment with smokey eye makeup. It has three eyes-shadows which consist of a highlighter, a taupey-greenish-nude shimmery shade (sorry, that’s the only way to explain it!) and a matte charcoal. The fourth one is a clever little insert of black eye liner which applies really beautifully to the lash line. It also comes with a two sided mini eye-brush with a sponge and a great flat end which works great to apply the liner perfectly. It’s quite compact which makes it a breeze to travel with and the highlighter shade can be used on the brow bone and cheekbone. Get it for about R65.oo

To finish off the eyes section, I decided on a simple little Duo Eyeshadow Brush simply because its duo sided! The one end has longer hairs which is great to apply eye-shadow while the other end has more shorter hairs which aids in blending out liner and smudging the shadow. It would also be great if you wanted to try your hand at a more serious eye contouring look which seems to be a big thing right now! The fibers are quite nice and soft and it picks up pigment and blends well. Again, this would be a definite must have product for someone who is just starting out in makeup and would make a great makeup bag addition for a tween, plus, at only R49,95 you can definitely afford to get one for yourself and younger sister!

Now, the next ‘type of products I love after eye makeup is definitely lipsticks and lip-pencils. I have quite dark lips so the only color that really shows up on my skin is red, which is why I have so many items in that shade! I have never really tried Catrice’s lip products and were quite impressed with the two mentioned below.

First up is the 8H Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish in 070- Red-Volution who’s formulation took me by surprise. I expected it to be a quite sticky gloss kinda thing but instead, it applies quite sheer and soft before settling into a lipstick like stain that feels like a really nourishing balm. It is not at all drying and really does give the lips a smoothed effect. I still don’t quite know how to describe it other than saying that it looks like a lipgloss, feels like a lipstick but acts like a stain. It comes in an array of gorgeous colours (including a very pretty nude) and costs around R89.98 a pop.

Finally, I also took the Long-lasting Lip Pencil in 050 – Red Lip District which is a waterproof liner enriched with Vitamin C and E. I particularly chose this shade to wear under the Made To Stay Gloss and the combination works together quite well. The lip pencil on its own it non-drying and lasts around 2 hours on the lips. This product also comes in a bunch of shades and goes for around R30.00 each, which is cheaper than many other lip-liners on the market.

Catrice is sold at Dischem, on takealot and Spree and I found that at each place, the prices vary (Spree seems to be the cheapest) so shop around if you have some time:)

Let me know if you try any of these products and which your favorites are!




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