Top 3 Foundations & Palladio Favorites

Besides skinny jeans, one of the hardest things for me to buy without any stress is foundation. For as long as I can remember, I had to take the pains to buy at least two or three different foundations to create my perfect match which, as you can very well expect, led me to spend an unnecessary amount of money on just one product. In these past 2 months however, it seems as if the beauty universe has finally felt sorry for my suffering and sent three different foundations my way that all seem to tick my boxes and will definitely tick yours too.

I have, for at least the past 2 years now, been using the MAC long wear foundation and, while the colour was a great match, the foundation itself oxidised on my skin after just a few hours of wear which made it impossible for me to go from work to event and still look dewy and flawless. Having problematic skin doesn’t help either and the increased redness and pigmentation on my face rudely shining through my foundation meant that it was high time to find something else.

The number one on this list is, without a doubt, the Flormar Perfect Coverage Foundation 12 hour wear with SPF 15. While I have previously used (and loved) a Flormar Foundation, this one just completely blew my mind. I have read about this particular product countless times and seen a myriad of beauty guru’s swear by it on Instagram and YouTube but, it is only recently that the brand launched some more shades in this formula and made thousands of women like me, jump for joy.

Containing sweet almond and olive oil, this foundation blends seamlessly into the skin and leaves your face glowing, dewy and just perfect. I have used it with and without a primer and found that it lasts for more than 12 hours on the skin without looking patchy. I’m not one to apply layers and layers of makeup to my face and when I use a foundation, it should be buildable enough to not need a concealer, which is exactly what this one offers. I also use less than a pump and find that it’s enough to cover my redness and pigmentation without looking streaky, cakey or oily. This foundation retails for R349.00 and you can find it at the Flormar Beauty Bar in Kenilworth Centre.

Next up is the new LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation. Many of you will recognise this name as the much-loved Pro Coverage Concealer was (and still is) a big hit with many makeup junkies. Since the discovery of the concealers, we have all, with bated breath, been waiting for the brand to launch a foundation with the same staying power and, happily enough, they finally did! What’s great about this product is that is comes in a good few number of shades so you are bound to find your match. The foundation itself is long wear and provides a medium to full coverage. I use a brush to apply all of my foundations (which is just a personal preference) and, same as the Flormar, love how this one blends into my skin. It’s super lightweight and breathable and doesn’t streak during application. Buy it here from Dis-Chem for only R175.00

And lastly in the foundation category is the Yardley Even Complexion Foundation which is quite an old one by now. Containing Porcelain flower extract, it provides a moisturising base for the rest of your makeup. The foundation also contains SPF20 and provides a medium coverage. It gives you quite a dewy finish but I don’t think that it’s as buildable as the previous two, then again, that could just be the way my skin is. It’s super easy to blend and would be a great buy if you hardly have any pigmentation or scars. However, if like me you do, then you might need a quick dab of concealer over the problem areas just to make sure that nothing peeks out or fades. You can purchase it here from Clicks for R189.95

And finally, three products from Palladio that I have using on a daily basis and just LOVING is the Matte Bronzer, Brow Styler Gel and I’m Glowing Creamy Stick Luminzer.

I haven’t really used the brand before but really feel like they hit a gold-mine with these three products. My favourite out of the three is definitely the Matte Bronzer in the shade Nude Beach.

I don’t at all wear bronzer but have been using this one as an eyeshadow (it’s such a great crease colour) and, on the days where I feel like I have some extra time, I use it as a contour. It’s one of those shades you need in your makeup bag/kit as it just works with every skin tone! Its super easy to blend and lasts the entire day on my cheeks and eyes.

Next up is the Brow Styler Gel which has fast become my go-to brow product of the moment. I usually despise using a gel as the brushes always pick up too much product, but this one has a tiny little brush that you can actually work into your brows without any stress. It doesn’t flake off, doesn’t make you look like you have a tattooed brow and blends really well into your own natural hair colour. I would definitely recommend this product if you are only just starting out with filling in your brows as it’s basically fool-proof and would take quite a bit of effort to mess up.

And finally, the I’m Glowing Creamy Stick Luminzer is just amazing. As you should very well know by now, anything besides foundation and eye-makeup is too much for me but, I have been using this beauty when I have a night time function as it subtly lights up your face without looking cakey. I either dot it on my cheekbones or warm up some of the product on my fingers before blending but either way, you can’t go wrong. I was a bit sceptical to use this shade as it’s quite pink and sugary but surprisingly, it matches my skin-tone quite well.

You can shop these Palladio products at Dis-Chem or just click on the links below.

Matt Bronzer, R145.00

Brow Styler Gel R99.95

I’m Glowing Creamy Stick Luminizer R95.00



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