Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


I’m coming clean with #GarnierComeClean

As many beauties will know by now, Micellar water is perhaps one of the top selling beauty products from around the globe which is loved by models and makeup artists alike. South Africa however, is only now jumping on the wagon thanks to a new (and affordable) release from Garnier.

I was quite keen to try out this magic beauty water but wasn’t too sure if it was worth all the hype. The day before I received a lovely press pack from rubybox, I spent almost 10 minutes in Clicks deciding whether or not to just take a bottle and have a go at it which, thankfully I didn’t!

However, my only regret about not grabbing it was that I waited so long to ‘discover’ it! So basically, a Micellar water is hypoallergenic cleansing water which contains no perfume or parabens and works to refresh skin and remove makeup. It contains groups of molecules (micelles) that act like dirt magnets to capture and lift off impurities from the skin. This was basically designed to help with the sometimes harsh effect that normal water can cause on one’s skin, including dehydration and congestion.

Think of the micelles as little balloons where the head holds onto the water and the tail removes impurities in one easy swipe. This works quite well if you are sometimes way too exhausted to wash your face before bed (which is ALWAYS a no no!).

Garniers version however comes in two different types. The pink lid one is for dry and sensitive skin while the white lid is for combination to oily skin. I however don’t really use it as a means to replace regular good old washing of the face and instead, incorporate it into my routine as a double cleansing product which I use either before or after I wash my face. Most of the time I end up using it before and after washing as I find that the first step removes makeup (not waterproof eye makeup however) while the last step removes any residue gunk from my skin.

The only thing that really bugs me about it is that due to my skin type, I need to use the white lid one which unfortunately stings my eyes and gives me a slight burning sensation. However, this could be due to the fact that it, unlike the pink one, contains alcohol denat which is actually the only difference between the two.

I do however completely understand the hype of it and can’t seem to understand how I managed to go without it for so long!

It retails for R79.99 for a hefty 400ml bottle at Clicks although I am pretty sure that Dischem will have it soon as well.

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