Treat your hair with GlamIt: The hair care products I swear by

For nearly a year now, I have been giving careful consideration to the kinds of products I use on my hair and finally, narrowed it down to a few essentials as well as one home DIY treatment. The products that have had a more noticible effect on my hair however, is from the CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil range by GlamIt Hot Hair and Beauty.

While I have been lucky enough to have hair that is quite easy to manage, I will admit that this is because I am strict on myself when it comes to heat-styling tools, over styling and brushing. I also don’t colour my hair and prefer to let it dry naturally as opposed to using too much heat. When I recieved these products in March last year, I decided to give it my full attention and refrain from using any other brand during that time. I was a bit skeptical on just how much a shampoo and conditioner could actually change my hair but have nothing but good things to share about these products.

The first thing I noticed upon using the CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo and Moisture Replenish Conditioner was the luxurious scent. I also really liked how it lathers up and loved that I didn’t need to use a lot of product to see results. After rinsing my hair of the shampoo, I could immediately feel my scalp and hair feeling cleaner and lighter. It removed all traces of grease and I felt like I could actually feel my hair. One of my biggest concerns was lack of volume and happily enough, this duo increased that. I also found that my hair air-dryed faster due to this product cleansing all the gunk that usually clings to your strands and deter drying time.

I am not usually a conditioner lover due to how fine my hair is and didn’t really think that this one would make a difference. I also tend to use very little as I tend to worry about causing more build-up on my scalp but found that this product had the opposite effect. My hair immediately felt softer and smoother and I hardly had any frizz which can sometimes happen when air-drying. On days where I skip the conditioner, I like to apply a few drops of either the Black Seed Dry Oil or Leave-in Conditioner – it just depends on my mood. Both are fantastic at making your hair soft, shiny and super easy to style. The dry oil has a luxurious scent and I love that it can be used on my skin as well. Very often, I use an extra few drops and gently rub it into my collar bone and on my arms for a subtle scent that lasts for a few hours. I mainly use this when I air-dry my hair (almost every day) and love that it does not weigh down my hair. Because it is a dry oil, it leaves no residue and easily absorbs into your strands.

The Leave-in Conditioner is really great if you’re looking for a multi-tasking product as it protects the hair from colour fading and helps to replenish moisture to dry hair. It does not leave your hair feeling tacky (which can sometimes happen with these kinds of products) and leaves no residue or grease on the hair. I love applying this on days where I will be using any form of heat styling on my hair due its thermal protecting properties. This is also a really great product to keep on hand if you’re spending the day at the beach as applying it before your swim, will reduce the amount of water that gets soaked up by your strands which can cause a lot more harm than good.

On days (or nights) where I feel like doing a more intense masque, I melt some organic coconut oil in the palm of my hand and massage it into my scalp. I mainly do this treatment when my scalp feels itchy, after an intense workout session or when I have been in the sun for too long. This DIY treament is fool proof and I love using it in conjunction with the Black Seed Oil Shampoo as I find that it washes out the oil perfectly. I usually leave this masque on for 3 – 5 hours and don’t generally use a conditioner after rinsing it out.

Be sure to have a look at the GlamIt blog for some great hair-care advice and tips, I also really love the CHI Keratin range which contains silk and makes your hair super shiny and strong!



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