My evening routine with Avène

Finally, I have found myself at a happy place with my skincare regime. Who would have thought? For so long I struggled to be 100 percent happy with every single product I was using and, even though I have been using Avéne every day for at least 2 years now, I never really had this great of a mix of products from the brand. I use a different selection of the products both morning and evening and thought I would show you my evening routine first.

Step 1:  Remove Makeup

I love a good micellar water and Avéne’s version of it ticks all of my boxes. It’s not oily, its super light and a little goes a very long way. What I particularly love about it that it has a double action formula where it removes makeup and hydrates the skin. Very often I find myself introduced to a micellar water that leaves my face feeling so tight and dry that I actually just cannot wait to wash and moisturize. It also works really well with waterproof mascara and eyeliner and just a few drops of the water on a tissue or cotton pad is all you need. However, it is quite pricy but if you are looking for a great way to remove your makeup without stripping your skin then I couldn’t recommend anything more than this. It retails for R199.95 for a 200ml bottle at Clicks and Dischem stores.

Step 2: Unwind with a mask

Avène’s Soothing Moisture Mask is a skin saver in a bottle. I have been using this mask for about a year now (you can see how dirty my bottle is in the image above) and have yet to find a mask that quenches my skin as well as this one does. I love that it’s a plain and simple formulation that doesn’t need to ‘dry’ or ‘set’ on your face. Instead, you just apply it like a cream and it soaks into your skin and leaves it glowing, refreshed and supple. It moisturises beautifully due to the hydrators in the formula that helps to restore the skin barrier and promote optimal skin hydration. Along with the addition of the Avène Thermal Water, it contains safflower oil which just pumps up the luxuriousness of the product even more.

You simply apply it to your skin for about 15 minutes and wash it off, simple, easy and fuss-free! The mask retails for R249.95 for a 50 ml bottle.


Step 3: Quick Shower

My favourite way to relax and unwind at night by having a quick, hot shower with the Avéne Cold Cream body wash. It’s perhaps one of the most simple yet luxurious show gel’s I have ever used which is surprising since it’s soap-free. What’s great about it is that it can be used on infants, children and adults as it is super hydrating and leaves a moisturising protective film on the skin. It’s non-drying and, like the Micellar water, a little goes a very long way. The best thing about it however is that it lathers up to an ultra-rich and bubbly cream that envelops your body in a subtle scent which lasts the whole day (or night). It retails for R179.95 for a 200ml.


Step 4: Eye Cream

Now that I am in my twenties, I have taken the application of eye-cream much more seriously. Preventation is better than cure, right? Even though I do not have any wrinkles or ageing (or even dark circles) around my eye area, I still would not like to wake up one day and see some damage. The Avène Physio Lift Eye Cream (which was also the winner of the Elle 2017 Beauty Awards) decongests, smooths, firms and sooths the delicate under eye area and has a unique “patch” texture which mimics the skin, ensuring excellent absorption of active ingredients all night long.

to smooth the appearance of deep wrinkles while firming the skin and RETINALDEHYDE-
A Vitamin A derivative which has a rejuvenating effect that stimulate cell renewal, its not surprise that his powerhouse is a best seller. It also contains a PRE-TOCOPHERYL which is an antioxidant that boosts the skin’s luminosity and targets dull skin and signs of fatigue.

If you are looking for an excellent eye product then I would highly recommend this one, plus, its easily accessible and a lot cheaper than other high end eye-creams. On myself though, I definitely notice a more smoother and lighter appearance under my eyes in the morning and have no irritation or dryness during the span of the next day. It retails for R379.95 for a 15 ml and lasts for a good 2-3 months as you only need the slightest bit under both eyes.

Be sure to check back next week for my day time regime where you will read about a new little product that they recently launched – it’s the best!



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