While things are slowly going crazy in my academic life and the feeling that I should be studying at every single second of my day becomes more powerful,  I recently discovered that the easiest way for me to take a step back and regain focus is by wearing simple, yet well tailored clothes. It’s true that the perfect outfit will make you feel like you have your life together and for me, taking that extra bit of effort when I have no other plans than immersing myself in work, makes the world of difference. The one outfit choice I have been gravitating towards the most is this simple, button-down dress from Mr Price which I picked up a few weeks ago on a whim. I shot this look quite some time ago as I knew that studying will probably take over every minute of my life- which is has and now, while the blog posts are piling up on my desktop and the beauty products up for review are strewn across my room, I figured that now would be a better time as any to take a step back and share this look with you.

Earrings and Bag: Forever New

Shoes and Dress: Mr Price

Shot by TassyB


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