Luscious Lips Age Defying Lip Plumper

I have tried and tested hundreds of beauty products (I’m not even exaggerating) and, while all of them oversell themselves, nothing makes me more wary than a ‘too good to be true’ deal like this baby pictured above. With the promise of getting ‘Younger, Sexier and Plumped lips instantly’ along with a ‘Scientifically formulated anti-ageing lip treatment for long-term anti-ageing, volumizing, moisturising, healing and enhancement benefits’ I’m sure you can understand my scepticism but, I am pleased to say that I was quite pleasantly surprised.

I received this ‘lipgloss’ early in December and, like all of my write ups, have been using it nearly everyday since then in order to give it a proper review. I seriously thought that this was some gimmick due to all the claims it makes but, after testing it myself, I can safely say that I saw an almost immediate improvement in both the texture and hydration of my lips.

So, how does it work? Basically, Luscious Lips is a lip care therapy that serves as a needle-free anti-ageing treatment that contains a patented formula to naturally stimulate new collagen formation in the lips via hyaluronic acid. According to Dr Gys Du Plessis, medical director of Vicemed (distributor of Luscious Lips), ‘Once the hyaluronic acid has been absorbed by the lip tissue, it searches for the body’s natural water stores to instantly plump the lips without the need for surgery.’ Within seconds of application, your lips start to plump up and this plumping effect can increase by up to 80% and last for about 4 hours. I found that even the day after using the treatment, my lips were intensely hydrated and smooth, which is great as I usually have quite dry and chapped lips.

After more than 4 weeks of use, I can safely say that I definitely noticed an increase in smoothness and suppleness and that I hardly have to apply lip balm throughout the day. The only thing I do not quite enjoy about it is that it stings like the devil! The very first time I used it was probably the worst and I was close to wiping it off nearly 6 times but pushed through (the things I do to test a product…). The stinging starts immediately after application and feels almost like a minty burning which subsides after a few minutes but leaves your lips feeling a tad bit numb.

What makes it so popular all over the world (with some great doctors behind it) is that it contains a bunch of great ingredients and plant extracts that work together to make one incredible formulation. Vitamins C, E and K provide powerful antioxidants that enhance the barrier protection to shield the lips from damaging free radicals while stevia, aloe, algae and grape seed extracts acts as soothing agents. It also contains an array of oils such as castor, jojoba, apricot kernel and avocado to moisturize, soften, rejuvenate and condition lips.

The product is available in 12 vibrant shades, is safe for use by pregnant women and is hypoallergenic.

Have a look at their facebook over here or visit their website here to learn more.


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