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Summer might not be completely upon us as yet, but that doesn’t meant that your sunblock shouldn’t be getting any action. We all know the importance of sunscreen so I’m not going to lecture you all too much… instead, I want to share with you the sunblock that I have been using everyday on my face and body and why you should get it too.

Firstly, many of you should know by now just how important it is to take care of your skin yet the majority of people just couldn’t care any less. We all know the benefits of the sun but it can also be quite harmful to our skin. The sun emits three kinds of UV rays namely UVC, UVB and the most common, UVA. While the more dangerous UVC rays are stopped by the ozone layer, the UVB and UVA rays still manage to reach the earth’s surface and causes havoc on our skins such as skin cancers.

The difference between these rays is that while UVB rays cause sunburn, premature skin ageing and skin cancers, the UVA rays evolve less rapidly but penetrate the skin surface more deeply. The rays are responsible for causing sun allergies, ageing of the skin and further develops skin cancer in the cells.

What most people don’t realise and where the attitude of oh there is no sun today so I don’t need sunscreen’ comes from is that even on a cloudy day, UV rays still manage to pass through and can cause sunburn which will only get worse as time goes on.

Gone are the days of using sunscreen that leave a white, filmy residue on the skin as now brands are becoming smarter with regards to what they use to create their products and one brand that puts a lot of research and testing into their skincare ranges is Pierre Fabre who manufacture Avéne.

So, what I love about the two products pictured above is that they both provide a very high sun protection, leave no white marks, is fragrance and silicone free and provide a broad UVA and UVB protection. They both also contain powerful anti-oxidants and can be applied to sensitive areas and scars without irritating the skin or leaving you feeling inflamed and sore.

I absolutely adore the SPF 50+ face sunblock as unlike many other top brands that I have tried, it has a dry feel and leaves you with a light, mattified skin. The pump tube also ensures that no air gets in the product and it is water-resistant. It comes in a 50ml pump tube and retails for R229.95.

The 50+ Spray is also an absolute treat to use and sinks into the skin effortlessly. It leaves a soft sheen on the surface which I quite like and my favourite part is that it leaves no white marks and does not transfer onto your clothes. It is quite moisturising yet leaves a non-greasy texture and is suitable for sensitive skin. It comes in a 200ml tube (which lasts a good while) and goes for R295.95.

You can find both of these products at Clicks stores nationwide



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