Losing weight with PCOS

PCOS weight loss

After more than a year of battling to lose the weight that I suddenly gained with PCOS, I came across Dr. Leila Sadien’s Wonder Weight program and needless to say, the results speak for themselves! The above images were taken 6 months apart whilst on my weigh loss journey and even though I was not always consistent with the plan due to other medical issues, I am so impressed with how easy it was for me to lose the weight and finally feel like myself again. The above image shows a 10kg weight difference.

It’s no surprise that I trust Dr. Leila and her team at Renascent Health with my life. She has been such an important person in my PCOS journey for the past year (and my skin journey even longer) and her advice and love during such a difficult time was exactly what I needed. Trying to lose weight and get your health back to a good place is such a hard thing to do when you don’t have the right support structure so it only makes sense that the basis of this program is all about support.

What is the Wonder Weight journey?

Wonder Weight has been designed for clients who are struggling to lose weight due to physical, mental, or emotional blocks that could be holding them back. According to Renascent Health, individuals lose “between 8-10 kg of fat per month with a 98% of water retention resolution”. The program works on men, women, and children and is made up of fully integrative GP support which assists in weight loss for all medical conditions.

My weight loss journey

What I appreciate the most about this program is that you have a coach with you along the way and for every step of the journey. you check in with your coach every day and they are available to assist any time you need it. You are also able to do process work sessions with Dr. Leila (more below) which I highly recommend for optimal weight loss and happiness on the program.

While I started it to lose weight and heal my PCOS (more specifically, to get my period back), Dr. Leila also helped me understand other blockers in my mental and emotional state that could have been causing me to hold onto the weight. I knew that my stress was influencing how I felt but through working with her and her health coach, I learned how to trust myself and the process that my body was going through which ultimately led to reduced stress levels.

Personally, I found the program to be easy to follow and affordable since you won’t need to spend much on food and specialized ingredients. However, the bulk of the cost comes from the consultations, products needed, and any extra supplements that Dr. Leila feels that you might need to accelerate your health journey. What I appreciate about the program is that you don’t need to follow an exercise regime (although you can continue to exercise whilst on the program).

The first consult is a medical one with Dr. Leila where you can figure out what medication you need and whether or not you need to go on a detox before starting. She discusses any other health-issues you migth have and might even send you for blood tests if necessary. During the program, you will heal the gut and detoxify the body without losing muscle and as you can see by my before and after picture above, my skin lightened and my breakouts decreased quite significanlty. I also experienced an increase in energy, a decrease in anxiety and found that I was sleeping a lot easier. I also noticed a significant decrease in my pain and inflammation (I have fibromyalgia) and my headaches were less frequent.

My original plan was to follow the diet for 1 month only but due to other issues (I was hospitalised thrice over the past few months for other things), I stopped and started the plan a few times and it got easier each time. Once you reach your goal weight, you move onto a maintenance phase where your coach guides you on how to eat less restrictively whilst keeping the weight off.

I interviewed Dr. Leila on the WW journey and the process work, read more below:

What is the significance of process work during weight loss?

Not everyone undergoes a transpersonal coaching process with Dr. Leila. If your consultation reveals that there is an emotional component related to weight gain or if certain personal traumas come up that have not yet been fully processed, these coaching sessions bring a sense of resolution and overcoming of these traumas, allowing the client to let go of the energetic burden they have been carrying. This is a key component of the WW program as a reduction in stress and overwhelming emotion contributes hugely to weight loss success and is often overlooked.

How does our mental state affect our weight?

The mind creates reality. When our thoughts are constantly negative, nothing good ever happens, and when we master the art of good thinking we learn to transform our lives through manifestation. There are many belief patterns that remain engrained in the subconscious that restrict us during times of potential transformation. “I never lose weight”, “I don’t deserve to lose this weight” and so on. During transpersonal coaching sessions, we uncover these limiting beliefs and free the mind to make new choices.

Why did you include process work in the Wonder Weight journey?

My work has always spanned the physical and the etheric. I am able to profoundly impact well-being across all the pillars of wellness because of it. Weight gain, like every presentation of disharmony in the body, is a result of physical as well as etheric imbalances. I have developed my own unique style of transpersonal coaching that addresses even the most subtle imbalances, and through it, we not only bring balance to the system but also sustainably address the most major causes of weight gain

How many sessions are needed?

We have 6 sessions and 9 session packages but some clients only need 1 or 2. I also offer mentorship programs for select clients who are ready to engage with a 6 month or full-year program of personal transformation.

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