Living an ayurvedic life with Dr Vassen

In my latest podcast on The Hungry Table, I chat with the wonderful Dr Suresh Vassen about living a life in harmony with nature. While we unpack and chat about a myriad of things in this podcast, I thought I would share some more information about him and what we spoke about below, particularly on living an ayuverdic lifestyle.

Dr Vassens’ tips on living in harmony with nature

Dr Suresh Vassen’s tips on living in harmony with nature

  1. Start the night before by going to bed at a good time
  2. Wake up with the sun
  3. Brush the tongue
  4. Oil pulling with sesame oil – it is antibacterial and antifungal and could help to enhance our sense of smell and taste
  5. Add a few drops of sesame oil into the nasal passages
  6. Sip on a cup of hot water to start off the process of digestion
  7. Stretch and take deep, measured breathing
  8. Eat breakfast for your constitution by listening to your mind and body and feeling the sensation in your gut to determine whether or not you need to eat something and at what time.

Implement an oil rub of the body prior to taking a shower

this helps to eliminate toxins through the skin and ensures that the mind-body health is optimal. it also helps to maintain the calmness of the body-mind and improve energy levels. Here’s how:

How to do a sesame oil rub

keep the room warm if doing this in winter. warm up the oil in the microwave and don’t be shy about the amount of oil that you use

  1. The process is from head to feet in circular motions
  2. circular motions on the head, including the hair
  3. the face – from the midline to the sides
  4. Circular on the neck
  5. Circularly on the breast bone and then go out and upward over the breast
  6. Circular on the tummy along the colon
  7. Circular below the naval
  8. Up and down on arms and legs circular at the joints
  9. Lower back is a vital area that needs to be focussed on with a circular massage
  10. remember all the joints are circular
  11. repeat three times before having a warm shower

More about Dr Suresh Vassen

Read more about him here

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