The magnificent Dr Leila Sadien

Dr Leila Sadien

Shaman, intuitive healer and holistic health coach, Dr Leila Sadien has been one of the most impactful people in my life for the past few years now. From seeing her for my acne scarring to her treating me for my fibromyalgia and PCOS weight gain, Dr Leila has been a constant beacon of holistic healthcare in my life – and her practise, Renascent Health, is where all the magic happens. In this interview, we chat about holistic healing, the TimeWaver and, she shares some of her top tips for healthy bodies. For more, be sure to listen to my latest podcast interview with her where we chat about energy and the importance of looking after the body.

Why did you decide to combine your medical degree with a more holistic way of healing?

“One of the driving factors was the fact that I suffered from cluster headaches since school and since my studies suffered with this debilitating disease that western medicine didn’t have an answer for and so I was forced to look at healing and relief for myself and to look at alternative means of healing like CM, HM and acupuncture. In exploring those things, I discovered that there was a way that I could holistically address the ailments of my body and not have the horrible side effects that pharmaceutical medicine was having. Adding to that, as I was going through med school and engaging with patients and sensing the superficial level that we were working with healing, I felt compelled to do more for my patients where I could actually make the kind of impact that I had explored medicine in the first place.” 

How did you know that you were an intuitive healer and when did you know that this was the path for you? 

“Being intuitive doesn’t mean that you have to be an intuitive healer. Being intuitive means that you are able to pick up with more than your 5 senses or explore the world with more than your five senses and I really only became cognizant of that when I began to explore my reiki studies and I am so grateful for that time as it gave me a language for the things I was experiencing and in hindsight, in early childhood I was talking to the fairies and there were many stories of me engaging with the unseen which when we get older we abandon and forget that it is inherent in us and a part of us.” 

What have been some of the challenges that you faced in your career?

“Some of the major challenges for me was getting through medical school when a big part of me was not feeling resonant with the paradigm. All of what was being taught and the extent of information that was being shared that I didn’t feel was in line with the kind of healing I wanted to practise but having to study it and know it very well in order to pass my degree was massively challenging, some of the other things were being an intuitive and an empath I was very touchy-feely so in medical school, the paradigm at the time that I was studying was that you had to be as desensitized to the patient as possible. You don’t address them by their 1st name, you don’t sit on the bed, you don’t get too comfortable and it was very challenging for me to put that part of me away in order to be validated, respected and seen by the medical community”, says Dr Leila Sadien.  

“And then later on I remember my first partnership practice which was a very traditional GP practice where my partner would tell me that I was fiddling with herbs and spices and the clinic had severe resistance to me wanting to stock minerals and vitamins on the shelf that wasn’t from a pharmaceutical company. The emotional trauma of seeing that your superiors, colleagues and peers are not interested in changing the status quo and allowing a pioneer to bring anything new into the space is hard. Being a pioneer has been a major challenge in all of those ways, understanding that you are forging a new path and that teachers can only take you that far before you’re on your own and in that space, it is very hard to prove yourself and what you discovered.” 

Why is it important to you that your clients get a more holistic way of healing from you and your team?

“It is important to me personally, because again, having experienced for myself how much I needed that when I was in crisis. Anything less than that would feel like it was out of my integrity, it is very easy to treat patients with the traditional paradigm – making a diagnosis and then giving them pharmaceutical medicine, sending them to a psychiatrist. The way it is set up is very easy but it does not fulfil me. It feels like with what I know. When my patients present a symptom and it improves and on top of that, their well-being is enhanced and they feel happier about the world they live in and they are more empowered and feel capable of living out their purpose or they become more in tune with what their purpose is as a result of engaging with that symptom as opposed to finding something to make the symptom go away and carry on with the same life. That enlivens me and it makes me get up in the morning.”

What are the kinds of ailments that you and your team help cure?

“Firstly, understanding what a cure means is very different to taking medicine to make you feel better. The idea is that at some point the patient does not need to rely on any medicine and that they have fundamentally cured that ailment. We’ve cured diabetes, insulin resistance, Hashimoto’s, lots of skin conditions like acne, rosacea, depression and anxiety and so many others. We’ve had patients with migraine and epilepsy that have been cured. The list is long but the question really is just if that patient is ready to engage with what it takes to transform their life to cure a disease or not.”

What is next for Dr Leila Sadien and Renascent Health?

“We are in the process of manifesting that next phase but we would like to expand the space to include a male practice where we can give men a space to heal and I am really excited to get that going so that we can be ready for them when they come.”  

What are the most popular treatments on offer and what are your favourites?

Skincare: Definitely the Vampire Facial which I love because it uses your body’s own serum for healing and we don’t have to add any pharmaceutical ingredients into the treatment. I also love the meso-therapy because it injects nutrients into the skin so we make a cocktail of specific nutrients like an IV that we inject into the skin. Our aesthetic doctor would probably choose the botox and fillers as favourites but we also have a range of other treatments that are cutting edge.”

Wonder Weight: Currently the most spoken or and well-known at the clinic 

IV Nutrient drip room: We do a unique approach to an IV drip that is unique since it is an IV drip programme designed for each client depending on what their needs are. 

Dr Leila Sadien on her pieces of advice for women to look after their skin and bodies

  1. Your body is a temple. It houses a spark of the divine so therefore it is our responsibility to care for it in the right way and to put the right things inside. To exercise it when needed, water it when needed and love it and to make it beautiful.
  2. Number 2 would be to understand that every aspect of what you engage with, whether it is choosing to eat organic foods or non-organic, using natural skincare versus synthetic plastic poisonous skincare. Whether you eat meat or not, whether you exercise or not. All of those things affect your skin and what we understand as beauty. They affect your weight. whether you get cellulite or muscle. We seem to get disconnected from that. When we become clear that every engagement we do with our body affects the aesthetic of our body we can start to take more responsibility. 
  3. The 3rd thing is a big part around joy and pleasure, we’ve become so serious about everything, Ig you can find the joy in eating healthily or going for walk in the mountain as opposed to running in the gym. Or finding the joy in taking a cellulite brush and brishing your thighs and enjoying the feeling instead of scrubbing it away… if we can consciously access pleasure and joy in all of the parts around self-care then it will be a much more pleasurable and easy job to engage. 

How does mental health or emotional trauma affect the physical body?

“We understand that based on quantum physics and Newtonian physics that everything is both energy and matter. And if you affect the energy or change it or it is imblanced, the overtime it is going to affect matter”, says Dr Leila Sadien. “So the physical body is a 3D representation of what is happening in the energy body and our emotional and mental beingness is in our energy body, so anytime there is an energetic imbalance, it is going to manifest in the physical realm.”

Dr Leila Sadien on the Timewave 

Dr Leila Sadien notes that the TimeWaver is a bio-resonance device. “Using the principles of quantum physics Timewaver is able to assess the energetic balance or resonance within the different organs of the human body. When it scans the body, it can feel the frequency of energy in different parts of the body and through that, make suggestions on what could physically be wrong with it. Then it treats the body by sending electronic frequency through the radio waves to the body and thereby impacting the 3D in the way that we discussed.” 


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