My journey to clear skin with Skin Renewal


I am so excited to share this post with all of you! As many of you may know, I have been suffering with horrible acne scarring and pigmentation over the last two years and, as a result, have tried many different products promising to diminish all the marks and leave me with supermodel skin – but to no avail. Recently however, I met with the lovely Dr Toni at the prestigious Skin Renewal in Claremont and am so excited to be starting my journey to clear skin with this wonderful brand.

Skin Renewal is one of the biggest Medical Skin Care Aesthetic Clinics in South Africa and boasts about 16 excellently managed branches which all specialise in a full range of aesthetic treatments that will help you achieve the skin you dream of (and for me, that’s an absolutely flawless face!).

My first consultation was with Dr Toni at the Claremont branch where she assessed my skin while I chatted about my skin history and needs. She then recommended a few treatments ranging from peels to Dermapen which combined, would help me achieve the acne scarred free skin I wanted.


After about 2 weeks of my initial consultation, I booked an appointment for the first of my treatments with my lovely therapist, Maricia De Klerk who has been working at the clinic for about 7 years. As per the recommendation of Dr Toni, Maricia started me off with an Azelan Peel which is a quick, superficial peel that contains salicylic and azelaic acid to help lift dead skin cells while stimulating the metabolism of the cells underneath.

The peel has been designed for the treatment of acne scarring and epidermal hyper-pigmentation and will help to smooth out the skin texture while reducing visible inflammation. Maricia noted that I might feel dry and flaky after about 3 days but I only expected mild flaking once and never got any dryness as yet. About a week after the peel (I had mine 3 days ago), you can start to see an improvement in:

  • The appearance of superficial scars
  • skin texture
  • enlarged pores appear reduced
  • inflammation
  • pigmentation

I will be sharing my journey with you all on the blog over the next 12 or so weeks and, if I am not too shy, might even share my before pictures!

If you would like to book an appointment or see what other treatments are on offer at Skin Renewal, then click here

PS: Skin Renewal launched a blog and you can read more about my journey and treatments by clicking here



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  1. Ive been trying to get rid of my blemishes and scars to no avail,i think i should also book myself an appointment,Thanks alot for this post

    1. Hi Natalie
      My skin was quite lovely after the above mentioned peel. I noticed a very little flaking and a definite reduction in breakouts. I had my dermapen treatment on Monday and it went very well. I would highly recommend the dermapen for any scarring as it is just wonderful in breaking down pigmentation and increasing cell renewal and collagen in the skin. I would however suggest that you make an appointment to see the doctor and chat about your concerns and needs.

      I still have about 4 or 5 more treatments to go for but I am quite happy so far!

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