Playing with Pastels




I couldn’t wait another day to share the first fashion shoot I put together with the Forever New Secret Garden Collection. We literally just done this yesterday but I love it so much that I needed to share it today!

I decided on this look due to the fact that I am such a fan of the idea of playing with textures and sizes. I paired this ripped white skinny with a sheer silk blouse and finished it off with a beautiful (and big) coffee and pale pink coat which I wore as a cape. I felt that wearing it the traditional way would be very unlike me as I love the idea of having something over my shoulders, especially when the weather starts to chill!

We chose to shoot this outfit in this particular way simply because it is how I would wear it while probably being on my way to a meeting and yapping away on the phone (seriously… being on the phone all the time comes with the territory of being a blogger!). What I liked the most about putting these pieces together was that I chose to tuck in the delicate shirt to add a little edge and show the contrast between the denim jeans, soft shirt, textured coat and feminine bag, shoes and necklace. This look would also look stunning with a pair of camel boots but I felt that the pointy heels in this instant, was definitely more me!


Photography by Yumna Rooknodien


Miss Saib

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