High Life



The moment I put this look together I knew that it was a winner. I have always lusted after a boyfriend jeans but never tried them on for fear that I’d look nothing less than ridiculous, but when I laid eyes on this pair from Forever New, I suddenly had this itch to dress it up and try them on. Plus, the fact that they were rolled up at the bottom and perfectly ripped just added to their allure. This beautiful fur coat paired with the jeans made such a statement on its own that I decided to mute everything down with a plain body suit and nude boots. The hat and neck-pieces were a complete novelty and I felt like it added a bit of sophistication and fun to the outfit.

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There will always be black



My favorite color to wear for no other reason besides the fact that I feel comfortable in it. I wear this hue every single day and for me to do a Forever New shoot without incorporating black, would have defintley been something very unlike me. The first thing I grabbed when I went in store was this beautifully made leopard coat and black leather skinnies. I knew that I wanted to wear a hat with this look to add some edge and took this one off the front display (I was on a serious mission). My favorite part of this ensemble however is the shirt which is just so soft and fantastically designed. The front crosses over and sits just above my hip bones while the back cascades down a bit and looks like one of those longer length tops. Plus, it was so much fun to shoot! win win

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Playing with Pastels




I couldn’t wait another day to share the first fashion shoot I put together with the Forever New Secret Garden Collection. We literally just done this yesterday but I love it so much that I needed to share it today!

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