The Epitome of Fine Dining at La Belle Bistro & Bakery

I recently had the pleasure of tasting the new La Belle Bistro and Bakery menu in Camps Bay just three days after it was rolled out to the public and quite simply put, it was the best damn thing ever. Everything from the minute details in décor to the wonderful staff makes the restaurant one of the most perfect places you could possibly imagine dining. Plus, with the icy blue Atlantic as your view coupled with the class and quiet extravagance that the KOVE collection is known for, you are bound to have an utterly unique and delicious experience.

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Gluten-free Gooey Almond Bites & Coconut Cream “Ice-cream”

Nothing gets me as relaxed on a busy afternoon than a cup of steaming spiced coffee with a chocolatey treat on the side – my favorite being an oat biscuit drenched in dark chocolate. However, for the past two weeks now I have been following the Elimination Diet to try and ease up my ever growing list of Fibromyalgia symptoms and, amongst the gluten and dairy free foods I have had to cut out, an extra little list came on the side with more things to avoid, such as coffee, chocolate and sugars. While I wasn’t too concerned about having to cut out many of my favorite foods, not being able to have chocolate and coffee as often as I pleased ignited a panic within me that only a true chocolate lover can understand. Adamant to follow my diet as closely as possible, I started playing around with the few things I could eat and came up with these two delicious recipes below that’s vegan friendly, gluten free and dairy-free so, no matter your diet, you can definitley give these a go which I promise you will make time and time again!

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Eat Smart with Clicks SmartBite

Healthy eating on a budget? While that may sound impossible (have you seen the prices of gluten free bread or nut milks?) Clicks has made it easier with their vast range of healthy foods in the SmartBite brand. I know my timing is horrible on this one (first day of Ramadaan), but these foods and products are such life-savers for sehri and definitely keep you full for at least 5 hours. Have a look at some of the things I have been making with a few of my favorite products from the range below and be inspired to incorporate some healthy foods to your diet! 

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Lets help Pharma Dynamics raise R100 000 for Heart Disease in South Africa

Did you know that 215 South Africans die every day from heart disease or stroke and that heart disease claims the second most lives after HIV/Aids in the country? Me neither. How scary is that? Heart disease is a cause which is very dear to my heart as nearly 5 years ago, I lost my beloved father to this sickness.

Before continuing with this post and the sharing of some yummy heart friendly recipes, I wanted to share with you all a great competition where you can win R2000 cash and a romantic picnic for Valentine’s Day! Plus, every share on Facebook with the #hugyourheart tag means that Pharma Dynamics will donate R5 to the HSFSA. See for more details on how you can play your part in raising vital funds for the non-profit organization.

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Peanut Butter and Buckwheat Energy Bites


About last week I was trying to study for an upcoming test and suddenly had this intense craving for something sweet, chocolaty and crunchy but healthy. I made my way to the kitchen and looked around but couldn’t quite find something that even remotely attracted me and instead, grabbed a bag of buckwheat, grinded it in a food processor and subsequently started adding a myriad of ingredients that were lying around and finally came up with these deliciously healthy energy bites. Get the recipe below!

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