Crunchy gluten-free goodness bowl & chicken quinoa stir-fry

Maintaining a social life, boxing, blogging, working and studying full time while taking care of my diet has perhaps been one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Because I am constantly busy, I don’t always have the time to make something healthy every day and, since having to cut out as much gluten from my diet, thinking about what to eat has been causing more harm than good. Since being forced to be creative with my food choices, I have found myself  making various kinds of health bowls and stir fry’s during the week which I can conveniently grab and get on with my day. The two I have been making the most however is a crunchy gluten-free goodness bowl & chicken quinoa stir-fry simply because they each take less than 30 minutes to throw together and you only have to wash one pot!

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Leaky Gut, The Elimination Diet & Fighting Inflammation with Skin Renewal

If you want to find out how I eased up my acne and got my energy back then grab a cup of tea, this is going to be a long one…

About two months ago, I had my very first consultation with Dr Graham Duncombe at Skin Renewal Cape Quarter to discuss my skin and ever worsening Fibromyalgia symptoms. I have heard quite a bit about him from the brand itself and, when I mentioned his name to many of the therapists, they all nodded and noted that he was, to put it mildly, one of the best. For the past 6 years now, I have been struggling with random bouts of acne which, now that I think about it, began just after I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  However, it was only after meeting Dr Graham when I realised that the two might be connected.

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Gluten-free Gooey Almond Bites & Coconut Cream “Ice-cream”

Nothing gets me as relaxed on a busy afternoon than a cup of steaming spiced coffee with a chocolatey treat on the side – my favorite being an oat biscuit drenched in dark chocolate. However, for the past two weeks now I have been following the Elimination Diet to try and ease up my ever growing list of Fibromyalgia symptoms and, amongst the gluten and dairy free foods I have had to cut out, an extra little list came on the side with more things to avoid, such as coffee, chocolate and sugars. While I wasn’t too concerned about having to cut out many of my favorite foods, not being able to have chocolate and coffee as often as I pleased ignited a panic within me that only a true chocolate lover can understand. Adamant to follow my diet as closely as possible, I started playing around with the few things I could eat and came up with these two delicious recipes below that’s vegan friendly, gluten free and dairy-free so, no matter your diet, you can definitley give these a go which I promise you will make time and time again!

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