Gluten-free Gooey Almond Bites & Coconut Cream “Ice-cream”

Nothing gets me as relaxed on a busy afternoon than a cup of steaming spiced coffee with a chocolatey treat on the side – my favorite being an oat biscuit drenched in dark chocolate. However, for the past two weeks now I have been following the Elimination Diet to try and ease up my ever growing list of Fibromyalgia symptoms and, amongst the gluten and dairy free foods I have had to cut out, an extra little list came on the side with more things to avoid, such as coffee, chocolate and sugars. While I wasn’t too concerned about having to cut out many of my favorite foods, not being able to have chocolate and coffee as often as I pleased ignited a panic within me that only a true chocolate lover can understand. Adamant to follow my diet as closely as possible, I started playing around with the few things I could eat and came up with these two delicious recipes below that’s vegan friendly, gluten free and dairy-free so, no matter your diet, you can definitley give these a go which I promise you will make time and time again!

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