2015 Beauty Favorites with TassyB – Part 1

Hello and Happy New year! I know that things have been quiet over here on Fatima Saib but I have been extremely busy planning posts and videos for this year. The first video I wanted to share with you all is a two part series that my lovely Youtuber friend TassyB and I filmed which is all about our 2015 Beauty Favorites. 

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The Night Time Routine


Since finally getting my acne under control, I have started to streamline my skin care regime and using only what I feel like I absolutely need. Because I have the opportunity to test out an array of products, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a few favourites which not only worked to help keep my spots at bay, but also leave my skin feeling healthy without being clogged with unnecessary oils. These products all work really well on their own but for me, using them in conjunction with one another is even better.

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