A staycation at Babylonstoren

Babylonstoren garden

Ask anyone whose been to Babylonstoren if they love it and looks of excitement, bliss and happiness will waft over their faces – myself included. Nestled in the lush and beautiful Franschhoek, Babylonstoren is one of South Africa’s oldest Cape Dutch farms. Known for the incredible land that makes up the farm, the orchard, their food, and the lush gardens, Babylonstoren is a dream destination for both locals and tourists alike and it’s easy to see why.

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Losing weight with PCOS

PCOS weight loss

After more than a year of battling to lose the weight that I suddenly gained with PCOS, I came across Dr. Leila Sadien’s Wonder Weight program and needless to say, the results speak for themselves! The above images were taken 6 months apart whilst on my weigh loss journey and even though I was not always consistent with the plan due to other medical issues, I am so impressed with how easy it was for me to lose the weight and finally feel like myself again. The above image shows a 10kg weight difference.

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Living an ayurvedic life with Dr Vassen

In my latest podcast on The Hungry Table, I chat with the wonderful Dr Suresh Vassen about living a life in harmony with nature. While we unpack and chat about a myriad of things in this podcast, I thought I would share some more information about him and what we spoke about below, particularly on living an ayuverdic lifestyle.

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The magnificent Dr Leila Sadien

Dr Leila Sadien

Shaman, intuitive healer and holistic health coach, Dr Leila Sadien has been one of the most impactful people in my life for the past few years now. From seeing her for my acne scarring to her treating me for my fibromyalgia and PCOS weight gain, Dr Leila has been a constant beacon of holistic healthcare in my life – and her practise, Renascent Health, is where all the magic happens. In this interview, we chat about holistic healing, the TimeWaver and, she shares some of her top tips for healthy bodies. For more, be sure to listen to my latest podcast interview with her where we chat about energy and the importance of looking after the body.

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