Earth Body and Skin – the non-toxic, vegan beauty salon that you need to visit

I’ve been to many beauty salons in my time and my favorite by far is the locally owned Earth Body and Skin in Imam Haroon Road, Cape Town. 

The brain-child of beauty therapist Jacintha Marais, the non-toxic and vegan salon opened out her own need to create a beautiful space where people could have their nails done without worrying about toxic products being used on their body. I have been going to the salon for various treatments for nearly a year now and have always left feeling refreshed and satisfied with both the service and treatment. I usually find it very hard to relax during a treatment, be it a massage or facial and to my surprise, I dozed off during the treatment I had with Jacintha!

I recently went for their BOTANē Fruit Acid Peel which left my skin radiant, glowing and a lot smoother than what it was. The effects lasted for more than a week which I was pleasantly surprised about. This multi-step facial uses the locally produced BOTANē products which are chemical free and gentle enough to use on every skin type. Before doing the treatment, your skin is assessed by the therapist who will make the necessary changes to the facial depending on your skin type and concern. 

They also stock organic, non-toic products such as Skin Creamery, Esse and Soul Tree

First, the BOTANē Whipped Cleanser is applied to the skin to remove makeup and impurities. It contains aloe and cucumber and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and smooth. I love that it’s a gel cleanser and that it is suitable for every skin type, whether it be eczema or acne. 

After, a BT Microbe is applied over the skin. This nifty little vibrating device has a current which helps to extract blackheads and unclog pores. After, a cold pressed oil gets massaged into the skin to stimulate blood circulation. The drainage from the massage gets rid of toxins through the lymphatic system which assists in helping your skin clear up. During this process, Jacintha noted that they are extremely careful about the products they use, taking care to make sure that none of them contain mineral or palm oils which is great to know since they clog up pores and cause breakouts.

Once the oil is massaged into the skin, they apply the BOTANē  Eden Blend oil, then the topical treatment and then, the peel which stays on the skin for about 10 minutes. I tend to go for a peel quite often so the mild stinging never bothered me but, if you are new to doing a peel, your therapist will remove it after a few minutes since it is highly effective and does not need to be on for very long. Once the peel is removed, a peptide serum and mineral mask is applied to the skin which works in conjunction with their galvanic device that helps the various products penetrate deeper into the skin. I quite enjoyed the feel of the galvanic device as it is massaged over the skin in an upward motion. This device helps to strengthen the facial muscles while opening up the skin wall.

Once the mask is gently removed with cool water, a hyaluronic acid (helps to pump up the skin), hyaluronic filler and peptide cream (stimulate collagen and elastin) along with a natural SPF is applied which together, increase brightness and smoothness. 

I highly recommend doing this facial if you are in need of unwinding or want to up the appearance of your skin’s tone and texture. 

You can visit their website here 

Or book with them directly on booksy by clicking here 

PS: I also went for a manicure and pedicure and both are wonderfully relaxing as the therapists take every care to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed. Plus, they have an array of breathable nailpolish to choose from! 



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