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For some reason, the Ozone Balm just did not want to photograph properly

For a few months now, and specifically, the months leading up to my wedding, I religiously went to have my skin treated and pampered by Rashieda Ajeraan from Infusions Skincare & Wellness to help alleviate some pigmentation and acne scarring. Based in Crawford, Rashieda has been in the beauty industry for a few years, building up an incredible clientele that fully trusts everything she does and offers – myself included. 

Rashieda is incredibly talented at what she does and it is clear that she is passionate and cares deeply about her client’s skin (even going as far to message you to make sure that you feel fine after a treatment, are wearing sunscreen and that your skin looks good!). Because my main concerns were pigmentation and dark under-eye, Rashieda suggested that I do a few treatments of her China Doll facial combined with laser every 2 – 3 weeks. After the first treatment, I saw a noticeable glow on my skin and my under eye area already looked lighter.

So, what is a China Doll facial?

More commonly known as the Carbon Facial, the treatment is done on a cleansed and exfoliated skin. A thin layer of carbon is applied over the face before being lasered off with a Q-switched Nd-Yag laser machine. The laser also helps to target dead skin cells, oils and blackheads which leaves you with a smoother skin texture immediately after the treatment. It also works to improve skin elasticity while stimulating collagen production. I was a little worried that it might hurt, especially since it seems quite insane to blast your skin with laser but, I am happy to report that it feels like a slight tickle and does not burn (I only felt a small sting under my eye since the skin is much finer on that area). While it was harder to tackle the pigmentation on my cheek, there was a major improvement in redness, breakouts and the visibility of my pores decreased. 

What I enjoy about seeing Rashieda is that she (unlike too many other skincare places I have been to), does not force you to buy products or do any unnecessary treatments. Instead, she looks at your skin each time you come in, changing the treatment course if needed while looking at the skin and body in a more holistic way, suggesting vitamins or specific antioxidants to help your skin from the inside. Plus, she always runs affordable specials on her Instagram page.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

About a week before my wedding, I was extremely bloated which stressed me out since my dress was quite fitted. Rashieda suggested that I do a few treatments of Ultrasonic cavitation which is a safe and effective treatment that helps you melt centimetres with ease. While she did warn me that I might feel some discomfort, I found the treatment to be quite interesting and felt like I did a high strength core workout after. My bloating decreased by about 3 centimetres after the first session which was incredible and made me feel a lot more comfortable. I will admit that the next day I felt some stiffness around my stomach and slight tenderness that disappeared a day later (just in time for the wedding).

The skincare regime 

Since seeing her, I have been on a gentle skincare regime that has made the world of difference to my skin. I use these products nearly every day (with the addition of some of my Avene products) and have been enjoying super smooth and supple skin.

Multipurpose cream – this cream is incredibly rich and moisturising. It contains jojoba oil and phyto-extracts of cottonseed and chamomile and is best used on sensitive or dry skin. I use this in the evenings before bed when my skin feels incredibly dry and sometimes, apply a bit in the morning. 

Moisturising cream – a milder version of the multipurpose cream which I use before makeup. 

Ozone Balm – Perhaps my new “Holy Grail” product, this natural balm contains activated oxygen as well as antimicrobial tea-tree plant extracts. It works brilliantly on any impending breakouts and helps to combat skin infections on small, localized areas. It is recommended for fever blisters, pimples, as well as fungal infections of the nail-bed.

Mild Gel Cleanser – This luxurious aromatic gel cleanser contains sandalwood, lavender and petitgrain extracts (which you actually cannot smell since it is so mild) it works brilliantly at removing makeup and effectively cleanses even the most sensitive skin without stripping the epidermis.

Purifying Treatment – Along with the Ozone Balm, this is my “go-to” when I feel a breakout coming. Containing salicylic acid, it helps to maintain the integrity of the acid-pH of the skin, offering natural resistance against bacterial infection. The addition of tea tree enhances the antimicrobial effect and leaves skin feeling soothed and protected. 

All of the products can be purchased by Rashieda. Find her on Instagram here to book your appointment!



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