Les Essentials & Cicalfate with Eau Thermale Avène

There is nothing quite like a new release from Eau Thermale Avène that makes me stop in my tracks. As many of you know by now, I have been using Avène products since they first launched in South Africa and to this day, use at least 1 – 2 products in my everyday skin care routine. Recently, Eau Thermale Avène sent me a few products from their new collection, the Les Essentials range which focuses on helping you achieve smooth and radiant skin. 

The new collection is made up of a line of high tolerance products, meaning that unlike other products that work to add radiance, this line can be used on sensitive skin without leaving any burn, stinging or redness. This is achieved through the addition of Natural Red-fruit Extract, patented to the brand.

Together, the products work to strengthen the skin barrier whilst revitalising cellular energy which means that your skin is hydrated while enabling the cells to produce energy which help to  restore their natural cellular function. 

I have been using the Refreshing Mattifying Fluid which is an oil-free, gel like texture that my skin just seems to drink up. I love using it before I apply my makeup as it serves as the perfect primer, keeping my skin looking hydrated and my makeup, fresh. If your skin is dry then this mattifying fluid might not be the best pick for you as it is more suitable to a combination skin. However, you can mix a little bit in with your foundation for a sheer, natural glow. 

I tend not to apply it in the evening due to how mattifying it is as I have found that I need something a lot richer at night. 

About twice a week I apply the Soothing Radiance Mask all over my face and leave it in while I am doing work or chores (the joys of working from home). I am a huge fan of all the masks by Eau Thermale Avène but I have to admit that this one has fast become number one! It has a beautifully soft, velvet texture that seems to hug the skin and gives the sensation of having an ultra calming facial. According to the brand, this mask is great for tired, fatigued and overworked skin. It contains Pre-tocopheryl (a powerful antioxidant) which, combined with their new ingredient, helps protect the skin against free radicals. It also contains Safflower oil to hydrate and, like all of the products from Avène, a generous dose of their every popular Thermal Spring Water

I have also been using the Cicalfate Repair Balm during winter (it was my saving grace!) and still keep a tube of the repair balm in my bedside drawer. I tend to get extremely dry and chapped lips in winter (to the point where they bleed) and this has been the only thing that soothed and protected them. Since it is a white cream, it’s advisable to apply the product at night. 

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