My top bra picks with Superbalist

Love them or hate them, bra’s are a wardrobe staple that every woman needs. While my preference’s change every few months depending on my mood, the season and the comfort level I seek, I always make sure that I have these 5 kinds below.

The Ultimate

If there is only one bra I could wear for the rest of my life, it’s this one. Comfortable, durable and perfect to wear with just about any outfit, the t-shirt bra is an absolute “must-have”. I love this one from Cotton On as their fit is incredible and the straps sit comfortably against your skin.

The Summer Bra

I find summer to be a really uncomfortable season due to the heat and inability to be comfortable in the car or outdoors. While I try to dress as lightly as possible, the normal t-shirt bra just doesn’t cut it for me and instead, I gravitate towards bra’s like the one above- with softer fabrics and no underwire. This not only keeps me cool, but works quite well under dresses and t-shirts while providing comfort. Plus, the pretty lace detail defintely doesn’t hurt!

The push-up

Are words even necessary here? While they are not the most comfortable, they certainly do leave you with an incredible look and make even the most humblest of dresses pop. This 2-pack selection from Sissy Boy ticks all of my boxes for a push up bra as they are neutral, have padded cups and come with detachable straps. Plus, at R399 for two, you really can’t afford not to get this!

The multitasker

Three different bra’s in 3 must-have colours that can be adjusted to how you want? Sign me up! With the option to have cross-body straps, normal straps and no straps, this set can see you through all the seasons and will work with just about any outfit in your closet.

The queen of comfort

Whether I’m lazing around the house or just running out to the shops, this is the bra I reach for when I still need comfort but want to feel secure. Not only is it super soft, but I love that these bra’s tend to feel as if you’re not wearing anything at all. Since it is so comfortable, this is also the only bra that I really don’t mind falling asleep in!

Inspired to go bra shopping? Have a look at Superbalist’s vast selection of bra’s online and let me know you’re favorite!

PS: They are currently having a spring promo on selected bra’s so hurry!


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