My post-procedure skin-care routine

As many of you may know, I have regularly been going for facial treatments at Skin Body Renewal to help with my breakouts, pigmentation and scarring. These treatments vary between Dermapen, Laser Genesis, Radiance Peels, Azelan Peels and Photo-Dynamic Therapy. While I have been seeing a significant improvement in the tone and texture of my skin since doing these treatments, my post-procedure regime has definitely been an important factor in maintaining what the treatments aim to achieve. Read more below on the top 3 products I have been using to keep my skin calm, radiant and glowy after my treatments.

This regime has been recommended to me by my lovely therapist, Shanice and makes both my skin and I so happy. I can’t choose my favorite product as they are all simply amazing in their own way but they definitely trump each category of medicinal makeup, cleanser and moisturizer.


Step 1: Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser

This gel cleanser is probably the best cleanser I have ever used. Shanice previously used it on me to cleanse my face before a treatment and for a week after, I would use it in the morning and evening. I usually love foamy cleansers so was pleasantly surprised to find myself reaching for this over the other rich formulas I have been using. It gently cleanses the skin of dirt, makeup and grime without causing any damage to the skin barrier, plus, it smells amazing! I love that you can use it on your eye without causing any irritation and that it’s suitable for all skin types. While Skin Renewal doesn’t stock the product anymore, you can still get it online at Dermastore.


Step 2: Lamelle Barrier Repair

This cream has perhaps taken over my everyday moisturiser. While I was concerned that it might be too rich for everyday use, I find myself reaching for it every morning and night and my skin seems to just drink it up. The cream restores the functioning of the skin’s barrier and contains Medilan® which has been shown to maintain hydration for up to 2 days after application. This ingredient also increase the rate of epidermal healing by 35% due to its ability to create a moist wound-healing environment. It’s paraben free, smells amazing and applies like a dream!


Step 3: Lycogel Breathable Camouflage

Oh my goodness – this is perhaps the one product that I always carry around with me! After a peel, Dermapen and even laser hair removal, I apply a little bit of this makeup all over my face, particularly over the areas which are more sensitive and red. It comes in only nine shades which gets slightly annoying when I need to mix two shades to achieve my ideal colour. I describe it to everyone who will listen as a ‘medicinal foundation’ as it promotes healing in the skin after any treatment. It contains SPF 30 which is great when I have a mid-day peel and need to drive home in the sun. I also love that I can sleep with it on the first night after my treatment and wash it off in the morning. I find myself using it everyday to cover up any redness and under-eye circles before applying my foundation.

It particularly comes in handy when I have laser hair removal and can’t wear my normal foundation immediately after! You can buy it here from Skin Renewal.

If you’re doing any skin treatments and peels and are not completely happy with your post-procedure routine, then I would definitely recommend giving these products above a go.


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