​Lets chat about laser hair removal with Deluxe Laser and Spa

If you follow me on social media, then you might have noticed that I am one of the brand ambassadors for Deluxe Laser and Spa in Canal Walk. I am on my third treatment now and am simply loving the results. Find out more below on my thoughts on laser hair removal and how you can win a R500 voucher towards any treatment!

I first started going to Deluxe Laser and Spa about 6 months ago for my underarms – I figured I would start off small as most people do. I decided to go to Cavendish Square as it was the closest branch to me and still go there for these treatments. My therapist at Cavendish is Anastasia who is utterly wonderful (I recommend booking with her for your first time if you do decide to go to Cavendish – I also quite like Zizi!). After my third treatment, I became one of the brand ambassadors at Canal Walk and do the full face hair removal laser once a month.

So, how does it work?

Deluxe Laser and Spa uses a revolutionary hair removal technology (Soprano Ice/Elase Motif) to remove hair effectively and somewhat painlessly. What’s really great about this is that it is suitable for every skin and hair type (besides grey hair) and there is no risk of burn marks. There is also no recovery period necessary so you can have a treatment done during your lunch break!

The staff are really lovely and extremely helpful plus, if you’re new to it, you can do a free patch test at any branch to experience the sensation and see if it’s something you’re able to handle.

Since starting my full-face treatment at Canal Walk, I have seen incredible results. My therapist, Na-ella is absolutely lovely (along with the rest of the staff at Canal Walk). While Laser hair removal is somewhat painless, I feel the most sensation when doing my face. It feels like a slight prick which naturally gets stronger as the frequency gets higher (your frequency is increased for every session). It’s not completely uncomfortable and is over after about 20 mins. Naturally, your underarm treatment is much quicker and feels completely different. This because the bonier areas on the body lets you feel the laser much more – like your forehead, chest, elbows, knees etc. 

If you are interested in starting laser hair removal, then good news as I have a discount code where you can get 30% off your treatment! Simply use the code ‘SHOP FATIMA’ when booking and your discount will be deducted.

I will also be giving away a R500 voucher which you can use towards any laser hair removal treatment. Simply let me know in the comments below which treatment you could use your voucher for and which branch is closest to you. For an extra entry, leave the same comment on this Instagram image (you must be following me to be entered).

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  • Competition closes on the 21st April 2018 and is open to residents in South Africa only
  • Max two entries per person (one on this blog post and one on Instagram)
  • You must be following me on Instagram if you enter via that platform as well.

Good Luck!



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  1. I would go for a upper lip laser removal, as I struggle with hair growing on that area

    #deluxelaserspa #laserremoval #fatimasaibblog

  2. Thank you for a great read !

    I would love to have underarm and upper lip hair removal at Deluxe Laser and Spa at Canal Walk… PLEASE

  3. I went for 11 sessions for my upper lip and chin at the Cavendish branch and it didn’t work. Highly disappointed at their false advertising and nonsense excuses it depends on the ‘hair type’. My hair grows back at a slower rate when I wax and thread. It was a complete waste of money, time and now I have more hair growing under my chin on my neck when I asked them not to laser that part 🙁

    1. Hey Tasneem, I am so sorry to hear this. I have found that sometimmes, it takes some people longer to get results on certain areas. While the hair growth that slowed down quite a bit on my face, my lips still have hairs poking out. My therapist said that it is because this is such a hard area to do and it has something to do with hormones or any medication that you might have been taking. Perhaps send them an email and explain your dissapointment at the hair growing on your neck and under the chin?

      I hope that it works out for you and again, I am so sorry to hear about this experience.

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