Elancyl’s cellulite busting creams & my top teeth picks from Sunstar GUM

I’ve had these products for quite some time but surprisingly, never really thought to write about them. They are so intersected with my everyday routine that I just figured it’s the norm to use them, that is, until I shared them on my social media and got a wave of responses. While the two genres being shared could not be further apart, both the brands and products are, quite simply put, brilliant and effective. So, if you’re on the lookout for a great toothpaste and cellulite busting cream, then be sure to read more below.

I’ve been using the Cellu Slim Night (round tube) for about 4 months now and, after 2 months, introduced Slim Design into my routine. While they essentially do the same thing, they differ slightly from each other.

What is cellulite?

Affecting 9 out of every 10 women, cellulite is what we get when our body’s fat-storing regulation system is disrupted. Bascially, the fat cells (adipocytes) begin to swell until they become 50 times bigger than their initial size, causing a dysfunction in the connective tissue. Due to this, the blood and lymph vessels become compressed and are no longer able to eliminate water and toxins properly. Dermal fibers (collagen and elastin) thicken and become rigid, causing the skin’s structure on the surface to change – otherwise known as “cellulite”.

How does it work?

While there are no beauty products to get rid of cellulite completely, these products work to tone, firm and smooth the skin. Both have a luxurious, silky texture that’s non-sticky and help to boost the release of stubborn fat. They also contain Ivy extract to strengthen the elasticity and firmness of the skin while restoring the quality of collagen fibers and preventing it from hardening. Boosted with massage, Ivy extract promotes physiological drainage and elimination of toxins.

Both products have massage instructions printed on the inside of the box and take about 5 minutes to do. While I don’t have incredibly crazy cellulite, these products have definitely made my skin firmer and smoother. I love applying it to my thighs, hips, and butt before massaging the residual product on my tummy. I find that they work really well when applied after a workout and shower and feel more of a treat than a schlep when following the massage instructions.

Buy Cellu Slim Night here on Takealot and Slim Design here from Dis-Chem.

February is National Fresh Breath month and, while I am quite delayed with this post, I have been using these products for about a year now. This is by far my favorite toothpaste and mouthwash brand (I have tried and tested many) and I love the taste they leave. Pictured above is the G.U.M original White toothpaste which helps to lift stains and whiten teeth and the Hali Control Tongue Cleaner which is essentially a dual action brush and scraper for plaque and bacteria removal. The Technique + Toothbrush is designed to reach below the gumline and the Expanding Floss makes flossing so much more interesting (plus it tastes great!).

 Now, I don’t have the best teeth ever (multiple fillings and 4 root canals) so I am quite picky with regards to what products I use for my dental care but the above are my favorite. 

PS: Their alcohol free mouthwash is pretty amazing too!

Have a look at the rest of the range and buy them from Clicks here



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