Bringing It Back

Two of the most notable trends for this season are velvet and pleats. Both amazing in their own right but, when paired together, make a strikingly chic and elegant ensemble which hints at hours of planning and attention to detail. Both of these delicate fabrics have been around for ages and now, with their comeback into the fashion world, they are, for the first time, being worn together in the most stylish way.

I tried my hand at an inexpensive and accessible way to incorporate this trend into my wardrobe and made Mr Price my store of choice. There are many other great options around such as Spree, Woolworths and H&M so you are bound to be able to experiment with this trend no matter your budget.

I simply adore this velvet top pictured above and know that I will get so many great uses out of it. I can already picture myself grabbing it on days when the weather gets cooler and Cape Town still feels like playing games which, to be completely honest, happens nearly all year ‘round.

Quick Life Update: I took a day off from studying to shoot this look with my beloved friend Tasneem. Being so incredibly busy this year, I hardly have time to even respond to e-mails but am trying to make a conscious effort to not be completely overwhelmed with studying and hopefully, take it one moment at a time. For those of you who don’t know, I am doing my honours this year in English and having the time of my life so, if I do seem to be posting less than usual, it probably means that I have 2 essays to complete, 3 novels to read and 17 PDF’s to study. #NotComplaining



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