Knock Your Tox Off

Last week I suffered with the worst back pain I had in ages which started after I spent a few nights hunched over in bed studying.  Having a musculoskeletal disorder didn’t make things any easier and so, when it was slowly creeping over onto the 2-week mark of excruciating pain, I popped in at Sorbet Belvedere for a detoxing ‘Knock Your Tox Off’ massage (R440) with my therapist Tasneem.

I realise that I have had this massage before at another branch and even though it was quite nice, I felt more relaxed at Sorbet Belvedere simply because it’s more peaceful than some of the other branches. There is also a significantly less amount of noise and bustle going on around you – which makes it a great spot to get an inexpensive but relaxing massage.

My therapist was really good and it was clear that she knew exactly what she was doing which, if you go for regular massages, know that this is a very important quality that your therapist should possess. I find it quite hard to completely relax when having a massage as my body always seems to tense up while my mind plans my month ahead but, I am not sure if it was the aromatherapy oils working its way through my skin or Tasneem’s skill at relaxing my muscles, but my mind was in more ease than it has ever been in after a very long time.

The only way I can describe this detoxifying massage is that it was ‘pure bliss’ and, what made it better was that I didn’t push my schedule out of whack (when I had it at another branch, I waited 45 minutes even though I had an appointment). I do not however recommend you have this massage first thing in the morning and suggest that when you do have it, make sure you do not have any meetings or need to look super presentable after as your body and hair is not only covered in oil, but you are certainly going to want nothing more than a rejuvenating nap.

I definitely feel that the ‘bliss’ I was feeling was also due to the calming environment of the branch itself as the staff are wonderful and there is hardly any noise while you are having your massage (with the previous one, I could hear the staff chatting and the phone ringing). The only thing I genuinely disliked about it was that it wasn’t any longer – I am sure that I would have probably stayed there the entire day if I could!

If you would like to book with Sorbet Belvedere then be sure to give them a call on 021 671 7631 or email them at

Find them at Shop 6 Belvedere Rd Belvedere Square Rondebosch Western Cape



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  1. Hi Fatima I also sometimes have a massage to help with the pain caused by fibro I just wondered if you knew what the trigger was for you getting fibro I know you said yours started in your arm Mine started in my knee and I know my trigger was emotional stress I hope your feeling better hope to hear from you Kath X

    1. Hi Kath. Thank you for your comment. I actually have no idea what my trigger is as sometimes, when I am super stressed out, I have no pain, and other times, when I have nothing to do and things are going pretty well, then I get the worst flare ups! I hope you find my latest post interesting, (The Wellness Series) and that you will be joining me to achieve a healthier lifestyle? PS: WIll be sharing a fibro post in next week. Also, I would highly recommend you read the article in the link of the Wellness Post #1 about the Epstein Barr virus, or just follow this link:
      Hope it helps:)

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