Dash Restaurant at the Queen Victoria Hotel


This weekend I had the pleasure to dine at the beautifully decorated Dash Restaurant in the Queen Victoria Hotel at the V&A Waterfront and could not have been more impressed!

Upon entrance to the hotel, we were greeted by a brilliant piano player while being ushered to our seats. The restaurant, which was everything I would expect it to be, seeing as it was a part of the Queen Victoria Hotel, is defintley one of the most tastefully and beautifully designed places to dine at. Everything matched perfectly and the heavy curtains gave it a sense of sophisticated flair. The elegant restaurant is surrounded by the panoramic views of Table Mountain and the Waterfront while boasting a refined and sophisticated air.

The 36 seater space offers visitors an elegant yet relaxed experience with a touch of drama in the well crafted menus on offer. In my opinion, the 3 course meals make it the perfect place to seal a business deal, impress potential clients, celebrate an anniversary or simply just to bask in sophisticated air.

Myself and my partner were treated to a delicious 3 course meal and, while we were quite looking forward to trying out the venison and fillet (all meat are strictly halaal), our gorgeous waitress Zameka informed me that unfortunately, for some reason, the chef adds a little bit of red wine to the jus before throwing over the meat. Naturally that meant that we had to go with option B, the crayfish… which I am definitely not complaining about!

This is what we ordered:


Tempura prawns with soft pickled vegetables and sesame emulsion R115
This was absolutely divine! The prawns were perfection and all the flavors in the dish combined together perfectly. I would definitely recommend this as a starter. Plus is was quite filling for such a small portion!

Beetroot cured salmon, horseradish apple slaw and bread crisps R100
Quite yummy if you enjoy salmon. The beet tasted absolutely divine when paired with the salmon and slaw and it made for a perfectly fresh yet zingy taste explosion.


We both ordered the grilled crayfish tail with saffron orzo and dehydrated pineapple R295
The crayfish tails were delightfully smokey and cooked to perfection. It was neither too tough nor too soft and fell in the ‘just right’ bracket which some restaurants really struggle to get. The smokey flavor came out subtly while the crushed sea salt on the tails brought out the rest of the flavor.


The orzo was unfortunately too creamy for me to handle while my partner enjoyed it. I found the veggies that came along with it to be quite spicy but it gave a good kick to the overall meal and presentation.


Hot chocolate fondont with orange ice-cream and bitter sugar brittle R85
Oh my goodness! If there was only one reason I ever wanted to go back Dash, then this would be it! When Zameka told me that it was the best seller on the dessert menu, I knew that I simply had no option but to try it. It was absolutely scrumptious and perfectly baked. The chocolate on the inside oozed out like a dream and provided the perfect end to my meal. The orange ice cream also served as an excellent side to the fondont and brought out the intensity of the chocolate with ease.

Banana parfait , butterscotch sauce and banoffe R80
According to my partner, he has ‘no words’ to describe how good this was. It was not too sweet nor over powering and was just the right serving to satisfy a sweet tooth without leaving you feeling over-indulgent. The plating of the dessert itself was quite artsy and beautiful with each part being divided up. There were grilled slices of banana which added a sweet and savory tang while the vanilla ice cream served as a perfect partner to the creamy banofee counterpart.

All in all, I would defintley recommend one to visit the restaurant and try the food for yourself. Everything was presented beautifully and the staff makes you feel like royalty. The ambiance is beautiful and, which such a delicuous array of foods to choose from, you don’t ever want to leave.

For bookings and some more images of the food or menus, you can visit them here 



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