Pantene Pro-V one month update


A little over a month ago, I was approached by Pantene who asked if I was interested in trying out their products for a month and write my honest review of it over here. Naturally, I said yes as not only was I already an avid Pantene user, but I genuinely liked the brand.

I love the brand so much that I even remember the first time I used it, I was probably about 5 or six years old and had amazingly beautiful long locks. My mom bought a bottle of shampoo, washed and dried my hair and that night, I refused to sleep in my bed and sat on a chair in the room as I was afraid that my hair wouldn’t be as shiny anymore! Such an odd memory to remember but it seems to be embedded in my mind… and now I see why!

Anyway, so a big box wrapped in a bow was delivered to my house early one morning containing a white towel, a bottle of ‘Full and Thick’ shampoo and conditioner and a brush that was exactly the same as the Wet Brush. I decided to use the products that night and immediately felt a difference. (Also, just before I go on, to read how exactly the new formula improves your hair and fixes the broken holes in strands due to the chemicals in tap water, read my 2 week update here.)

What I loved most about it was that my hair was sleek, shiny and didn’t at all crave another shampoo (double wash). There was no product build up and it felt ridiculously soft. I also mentioned before that I never really use conditioner as I don’t like how heavy it makes my hair feel, but for the past month I have been using the conditioner with every shampoo!

I usually wash my hair everyday as I hate even the slightest bit of grease but decided to see how long I could go without washing my hair while I use these products, and let me just ask you, do you have any idea how hard it is for me to take a shower and resist the urge to wash my hair? It’s flippin’ hard!

I know that this may not be a big deal for you guys as many of you wash your hair twice a week or less, but I managed to go three days without a wash (the things I do for you guys…). Now, my hair is quite thin and feels weighed down after only a day, but for these three days, my hair was so soft and smooth and not greasy at all. That’s major for me!

I do however feel that the only way you are going to see proper results is if you use the range specific to your hair type, so for example, if you have oily roots then taking the moisture 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner would definitely not do anything for your hair. Other than that, I genuinely have no complaints about the range. My hair has never felt this happy, healthy and soft before (even after a treatment!) and to get all of these benefits for under R50 is just crazy!

Let me know if you decide to try out the range and tell me how it goes!


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