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I really am such a fan of this look. I love how the different colours and textures come together so beautifully. Silk, knit, leather and tiny metal finishings make this outfit work and, I suppose that’s what fashion is all about -experimenting with different styles and ideas to create one complete look. But to me its more than just throwing something together. The right photographer and makeup artist are the true magicians here. I simply put the looks together and pose as they talk around me about the colour, temperature, exposure and light but without this team work consistent in my shoots, I would never be able to fully bring out the magic of an outfit.

IMG_4488 (2)


This particular look out of all of the others I done, got me thinking about fashion as a whole. Yes, it is a simple piece that anyone could put together, it is easy and fun and it definitely is very ‘me’, but it made me realize that fashion and style is unique to all. I believe that fashion is an art and a form of expression, but you need to be able to wear it. I find most couture pieces in the modern world to be so darn ugly and impossible to be taken seriously in. You call it your ‘summer sport collection’ but it consists of neon puffer sleeves attached to a dress so hideous that most people wouldn’t wear it in their sleep. How is that anything to do with sport? Is it the fact that you created it to be completely ruined after a game of rugby perhaps? Because then  I would totally understand. I’m not too sure where I’m going with this idea, but I knew that I needed to at least say something- even if it doesn’t make sense to most people or even to me. Is this what the world of fashion has come to? Being so desperate for a little bit of 15 minutes of fame that you would throw just about anything on a garment and call it couture? I know it sounds as if I am am hating on all of these ‘fashion designers’ and you know what, perhaps I am- but the reason for this is simple. When do you ever see those pieces actually being worn after the model disappears backstage? Maybe it appears in a magazine a few days later, but does anyone actually wear it? Like in real life?

There is a fine line between fashion and art, same as there is a fine line between organic and processed. Over the past few  years I have heard that there is not much growth in the fashion industry in South Africa as almost all of our stuff come from India and China- and its true, mainly because people can actually wear those things over and over for multiple events. Chain store clothes are just as amazing as their high end-one of a kind sisters. But  make no mistake nor jump to any conclusion about what I am trying to say. I am indeed a huge fashion fan, fashion is after all, one of the components in this blog and I love experimenting with different feels and looks. But to me, fashion needs to be something you can wear in your own style and with your own wearable mix of creativity that makes people stop and think and admire, not want to kill you.

What is fashion to you?




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