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Top Billing presenter, Revlon spokesperson and now, underwear model, Bonag Matheba is a force to be reckoned with. I recently had the opportunity to interview her about her new collaboration with Woolworths for the ‘Bonang for Distractions’ Underwear range and boy oh boy can this girl give an interview!

You already have so many things going for you, how does it feel to be a part of such a wonderful brand as Woolworths?

‘’Goodness gracious me, I don’t know. It’s an out of body experience. I think that when anything major happens in anybody’s life, it takes some time for you to actually process everything, but at the beginning of my career I didn’t even think that it is possible for me to be sitting here and talking to you about it. It’s unreal.’’


What is your favorite item in the Bonang for Distractions range?

‘’There is an amazing push up black bra that has a red lining inside. The lining is red and inside the g-string is red. There is also a pink and beautiful once piece with lace finishing’s and a bit of silk. I just love all of it but if I had to choose, it would be my slinky red number.’’

What was the best part in getting to work so close in the design process of the new range?

‘’The design process is actually what I loved about it. for me it is always important for whatever collaboration or brand I am working with, it had to be authentic, it has to be something Bonang likes cause then it will be something everybody else will like. It was very important that I was part of the colours, the fabrics and all the little details. The design team were so cool. They taught me so much. The jargon and everything else. I would love to do more design work. I am a budding designer.’’

You are by far, one of South Africa’s top style icons and you always seem to look effortless. Who is your style inspiration?

‘’I love Rihannas style; I think it’s very edgy. I like Victoria Beckham because her stuff is so modern and sleek and chic. I love Olivia Palermo. But the one person I love is called Meroslavo Duma who is a Russian blogger. I absolutely love her. Those women are on the top of my list.’’

 On that note, what five items do you think that every women needs to have in her closet?

‘’One, the clean, crisp white shirt that she can wear with anything and everything. A black skirt, high waisted, circle or a-line, goes with absolutely anything, a single strap sandal which is a strap around your feet and a strap around the ankles (points to the sandle she is wearing at the moment). Absolutely have to have a suit, a matching suit in a bold colour. And definitely the red Revlon lips!’’ (her favourite and the one she was rocking in the interview? Cherries in the snow!)

You are so lucky that you get to wear outstanding clothes. What has your most memorable outfit been?

At the launch of the Luminance store, I wore a R250 000 Oscar de la Renta dress, the same thing Kerry Washington wore on the red carpet.

You have so many achievements under your belt. What or who keeps you grounded?

I have such awesome friends and family. My family would never allow me to have my head to be somewhere  in the clouds so I always go back to them as a point of reference to remind myself where I come from and why it is that I am doing this.’’

What do you do to stay in shape, especially since you done this lingerie shoot?

‘’I don’t. I’m a skinny malinky. I used to do zumba once a week but my schedule got manic. I’m lucky though as I come from a skinny family. My late grandparents were very lean. I eat what I want. I don’t eat breakfast but I eat at one, at three, at five and at 8. I don’t eat dairy as it helps with your skin and weight but I’m also because I am lactose intolerant’’

What are your secret indulges?

‘’Cake! I love all kind of cake, cake and cappuccino.’’

What is the best thing about being Bonang Matheba?

‘’You are literally living your dream! You are living and following your path and your purpose. You know, a lot of people are put on this earth and don’t have the privilege of realizing why they are on worth. I am fulfilling my purpose and inspiring people as I go on. I cannot even make it up. It is so fulfilling. This is not a job, this is fun!’’

What can we expect form you within the next year

‘’The lingerie collection! I am also doing three productions as I am a budding TV producer. Clash of the quires is coming back and I’m having fun on Top Billing. There is another little surprise coming along which is also on this level. ‘’ (I tried squeezing her for info but this girl is tough!

What is it like working on Top Billing

‘’Top billing is everything I dreamed and thought it would be. You are actually treated with top billing style. The flight, the clothes the accommodation. I love it. The people are amazing as well as the destinations.’’

Best holiday destination?

‘’London! For the shopping and Paris for it being amazing’’

Favorite restaurant anywhere in the world?

‘’Sefruga in Waterfront as well as Beluga. I love the Caviar restaurant group. They make really amazing sushi.’’

Books or blogs?

‘’Blogs blogs blogs blogs!’’

Me: In that case, you have to see mine! Anyway…

What is the most expensive item in your closet?

(Laughs) ‘’I can’t say! It’s embarrassing! It everything! I bought these Tom Ford boots that could feed a small family for four months. Louis Vuitton luggage, Roberto Cavali sunglasses… but I can’t stop and I won’t stop! I love it!’’

Your top three beauty products?

‘’Water, sunscreen and a good colour stay foundation. First of all you need to take care of your skin from the inside by drinking water and then protecting it from the sun and if you are going to cover up your skin when you do go out, then use an amazing foundation such as nearly naked or colour stay by Revlon.’’

Heels or flats?


How do you unwind after a long day

‘’I keep up with the Kardashians! I love Kim. I love that they are so dysfunctional, it makes me feel like everything of mine is good.’’

Songs on repeat?

‘’Eminem, skrillex, afrojack, calvin harris. I’m a big electro and house girl.’’

Go to clothing store

‘’Woolies! You can even buy food there. Woolies is literally a one stop shop.’’

Never leave the house without?

‘’My phone. Seriously, it’s always with me (points to her phone within a finger stretch away.’’


‘’People places and people I talk to or watch.’’



So what do you say? Never thought it was possible to love Bonang even more?


x x x

Miss Saib


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