Dreamy Skin with Skin Renewal

Since I wrote my post about Leaky Gut and how I have been managing it with the help of Dr. Graham at Skin Renewal, I have been getting tons of questions on what I have been doing to decrease my breakouts and keep my skin as clear as possible. While changing my lifestyle and diet played a huge role in easing my symptoms and all-round unhappy skin-tone, I have also been going for regular treatments at Skin Renewal which has made the world of difference in fighting existing spots and lightening stubborn pigmentation. Today’s post is a bit of a mix of my top 5 treatments from the clinic and how they can make the world of difference to you. 

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Four Months Later


Before I start this post about my amazing treatments at Skin Renewal, I need to apologize for not uploading in a while. First it was the fast and then I was writing exams and, between being sick with a cold and flu to graduating (subtle bragging), I simply never had a chance to sit down and type – let alone respond to mails. However, it has been more than a week since my last appointment at Skin Renewal and I definitely need to share my over-all experience as well as some tips for some of you who might be interested to pay the clinic a visit.

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Dr Leila Sadien


Carrying on from my post yesterday about my first DermaPen treatment with Dr Leila Sadien, I decided to do another, focusing on her. One doesn’t always know what to expect when you go to a new doctor and with this post, I hope you all see just how amazing Dr Leila is which hopefully will inspire you to book an appointment with her!

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