Home-cleaning favorites with Chux and Calli and Co

Image from Calli and Co

Oh how the times have changed. From being predominantly about fashion and beauty to now writing about homeware and wellness, this blog has been my space of change and growth which I hope you are all enjoying. Since moving into my own space nearly a year ago, I have made it my mission to invest in quality cleaning products that are value for money, last for ages and, most importantly, are good for the environment. I recently stumbled upon a brand based in KZN called Calli and Co, the brain-child of two friends who wanted to create cleaning products that were safe for the environment and everyone who used them. 

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Supporting Small Businesses – Infusions Skincare & Wellness

For some reason, the Ozone Balm just did not want to photograph properly

For a few months now, and specifically, the months leading up to my wedding, I religiously went to have my skin treated and pampered by Rashieda Ajeraan from Infusions Skincare & Wellness to help alleviate some pigmentation and acne scarring. Based in Crawford, Rashieda has been in the beauty industry for a few years, building up an incredible clientele that fully trusts everything she does and offers – myself included. 

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Les Essentials & Cicalfate with Eau Thermale Avène

There is nothing quite like a new release from Eau Thermale Avène that makes me stop in my tracks. As many of you know by now, I have been using Avène products since they first launched in South Africa and to this day, use at least 1 – 2 products in my everyday skin care routine. Recently, Eau Thermale Avène sent me a few products from their new collection, the Les Essentials range which focuses on helping you achieve smooth and radiant skin. 

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My top bra picks with Superbalist

Love them or hate them, bra’s are a wardrobe staple that every woman needs. While my preference’s change every few months depending on my mood, the season and the comfort level I seek, I always make sure that I have these 5 kinds below.

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The Wedding

After a few months of prepping and planning, the most wonderful day of my life finally came around and I got to marry my absolute best friend. For the first time I won’t say much, except for the fact that it was perfect in every single way. These photographs are so utterly beautiful and still take my breath away each time I glance at them. The happiness, love and overwhelming sense of being exactly where I needed to be is something I will cherish forever.

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