Jessy’s Waffles and Nourish’d Cafe – my two favorite spots

While I am not a vegan, I do appreciate the benefits of a plant based diet and have recently been doing more and more research into eating healthy and maintaining a good eating regime. It’s no surprise that I have a sickness which can at times, like now, flare up and get intensely debilitating, hindering my ability to many of the most basic and mundane tasks – like brushing my teeth. While I usually do take a special precaution with my diet (limiting gluten, sugar and dairy), at times like this, I find that some of the best healing takes place through the foods I eat and seem to crave places full of goodness like Nourish’d for food and Jessy’s Waffles for treats. Read more below on what I like to order at both of these places and why you should pop them a visit ASAP.

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My post-procedure skin-care routine

As many of you may know, I have regularly been going for facial treatments at Skin Body Renewal to help with my breakouts, pigmentation and scarring. These treatments vary between Dermapen, Laser Genesis, Radiance Peels, Azelan Peels and Photo-Dynamic Therapy. While I have been seeing a significant improvement in the tone and texture of my skin since doing these treatments, my post-procedure regime has definitely been an important factor in maintaining what the treatments aim to achieve. Read more below on the top 3 products I have been using to keep my skin calm, radiant and glowy after my treatments.

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Elancyl’s cellulite busting creams & my top teeth picks from Sunstar GUM

I’ve had these products for quite some time but surprisingly, never really thought to write about them. They are so intersected with my everyday routine that I just figured it’s the norm to use them, that is, until I shared them on my social media and got a wave of responses. While the two genres being shared could not be further apart, both the brands and products are, quite simply put, brilliant and effective. So, if you’re on the lookout for a great toothpaste and cellulite busting cream, then be sure to read more below.

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