Established in August 2012, FATIMA SAIB is a modern day blog that incorporates all things fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle into one, easily accessible site that reads as a magazine.

  • All reviews of products/places will only be published if I have tried it myself or by someone who works  in my team. Naturally, if anything is written by someone other than myself, then it will be mentioned.
  • I only post about things that I think are worth posting about, therefore, If I am doing a post about a new ‘range’ that came out and a few products seem to be missing, it would be because I personally do not think it should be posted up and marketed. Bottom line… No crap. No lies. No marketing scams.
  • And finally, I reserve the right to say what I want, about what I want. This is my blog after all and you will only find honesty on here


I love hearing from you, be it questions, comments or random musings

So, if you would like to get in touch with me or if you are interested in working with me, simply pop me an e-mail at fatima@fatimasaib.co.za or leave me a comment on this blog and I will respond ASAP

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  1. Have you heard about suncoat product range.These include nail polish and other beauty products , apparently all natural ingredients. Its also a Canadian in origin, although it seems to be available in south africa too. Im not sure where though.

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