Ponds Pimple Clear Duo

Ponds recently launched a delightfully inexpensive little duo to fight pimples and spots in just three days. Formulated with their first ever Active Thymo T-Essence, Ponds Pimple Clear uses unique Lock + Clear technology to ensure that your pimples are killed at the root. I tried it out for myself and have to admit that nothing I have ever used has reduced a spot in such a short amount of time.

PS: Since publishing this post, I have repurchased these products in bigger sizes!

The two products in the range is the Pimple Clear Face Wash and the Leave on Clearing Gel and together, they work to kill bacteria in the root of the spot while exfoliating the skin (with the addition of salicylic acid). I always seem to break out on my cheeks so was quite interested to try the products for myself to see how they fare against the Neutrogena Normaderm Spot Control which I usually reach for (it is also more than triple the price of Ponds) and was pleasantly surprised. I noticed a difference after just two days of using them both in the morning and night and found that some mornings I didn’t even have to apply the gel as my spots were drastically reduced!

With regards to formulation, the wash foams up beautifully and you need the slightest bit to make a rich lather. It works great at removing makeup and cleansing the skin all in one go and leaves your skin feeling matte yet moisturised. In the beginning, I found that I needed to moisturize right away as my skin felt quite dry after using the wash but that feeling has long subsided. The only thing I really cannot stand about the wash is the smell which reminds me of (just go with it) dried oregano mixed with plastic. However, the smell goes away as soon as you wash the product off your face which is great as, in all honesty, I would have probably stopped using it if this scent stayed put on my skin.

The gel however has a much more pleasant scent which makes it a treat to apply. It’s a creamy yet thin formulation and, like the wash, you only need the tiniest bit (which is great since it contains alcohol). You should take caution to not apply the gel to your entire face as something with alcohol is not the best thing to be slathering on your skin and, if you do find yourself applying it mindlessly, then your skin might get really dry.

I have been raving about these products to anyone who will listen and have been quite pleased to hear that some of my friends have started using it. If you are struggling with random spots and breakouts and have R100 to spare (you will even get change to buy gum), I would recommend that you buy this duo and give them a try. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Ponds Pimple Clear Gel – R44.95 at Clicks

Ponds Pimple Clear Facial Foam – R52.95 at Clicks


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