The Absolutely Amazing AMAZI Beauty Bar


I have been lucky enough to experience countless beauty salons but none has ever left an impact as profound as AMAZI did on me. Situated in Maynard Mall in the bustling Wynberg in Cape Town, AMAZI has only been open for a few months and, with no surprise to me, has built up a pretty impressive clientele.

Keeping in line with the brand’s strong social purpose, overarching attitude of empowerment and a belief that beauty is beyond skin-deep, AMAZI strictly hires women only from previously disadvantaged communities and, as a result, the brand found a natural synergy with the SEW foundation, SORBET EMPOWERING WOMEN. SEW’s aim is to up skill previously disadvantaged women by training them to become professional nail technicians and providing them with a skill they can carry for life. This collaboration will see a joint effort to reach SEW’s overarching goal of training and finding employment for 200 women by 2017.


Spearheading the launch of the brand and an absolute inspiration to myself as a platform for positive change is the dynamic Divya Vasant who came up with the concept of the brand. She sums AMAZI up as “a beauty brand that proves achieving excellence has nothing to do with a woman’s circumstance, and receiving excellence in service is a sign of respect that every women is entitled to.”

Just listening to Divya speak about the brand makes it clear that she is absolutely passionate about it and all it stands for, and, even though she has an interesting history in finance, one can see that beauty is exactly what she was meant to do.

I unfortunately missed the official launch of the salon due to campus and instead, popped in on a weekday morning to experience the salon during the normal day to day trading. As soon as I stepped in, a wash of happiness went over me as I was greeted by the bright colors of the space and the warm smiles by everyone else.


While having a mani and pedi, Divya sat down with me and immediately started telling me about the history of the brand and the idea that sparked it on. When I asked her about the insanely cheap prices on their menu (R130 for a pedi WITH paint!?), she quietly replied that ‘beauty should not be a luxury’ and instead, should be something that every single woman can afford.

Eve and Vanessa who done my mani and pedi were absolutely wonderful and, unlike other salons, laughed and chatted to me which only proved that they too, are absolutely passionate about AMAZI and what it stands for. Divya wanted the space to be open and fun and achieved that by the fun mix of colors and free flowing conversation that only made me experience so much more memorable.


What’s more, each girl is professionally upskilled as threaders and go through intensive training before being able to work on clients. Naturally, I had my eyebrows done before leaving and still cannot stop looking at them in the mirror. The girls are absolute perfectionists and they all seem to feed off each-others energy and passion which I can only imagine, comes straight from Divya.


 ‘We offer a simple yet first-class menu of nail services with a vision to expand the treatment options. At AMAZI we’re passionate about professional service and have a firm belief that quality should be accessible and affordable to everyone. We stand for excellence at value-for-money prices – with no sacrifice to cutting-edge, fresh trends and colour techniques.’

To say that AMAZI is my new favorite salon is a complete understatement. Since my first visit I have been telling everyone and anyone to go there and experience the warmth for themselves.

You can find AMAZI at Shop 16 (opposite Edgars), Maynard Mall, Wynberg, Cape Town

Be sure to visit their website here 

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter



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