Coverderm Luminous Supreme Serum


As all of you know by now, I am thoroughly obsessed with anything by COVERDERM as I always get the best results possible when using their products- and this time is no exception! If like me you suffer with hyperpigmentation and an all round lack of luminosity on the skin, then be sure to read more below!

After finally managing to clear up my skin of breakouts with the AHA cream a few months ago, I found that I was still left with a good amount of hyperpigmentation and skin damage from my previous acne breakouts which was definitely not something I wanted to be stuck with. Once again, Lezanne over at COVERDERM stepped in and suggested that I give the Luminous Supreme Serum a go for a few weeks and see if it helps to diminish my marks. Naturally, I done as much research on the product as possible before trying it so that I knew exactly what could be expected.

The serum is basically a multi-valent system for face and eyes which is specially formulated for dark or heavily pigmented skin tones which works to lighten skin pigmentation disorders such as freckles, sun-spots, blemishes and age spots and, as expected from a product of such high calibre, it is hypoallergenic and ophthamologically tested.

The serum itself absorbs beautifully into the skin and immediately gives a boost of hydration which is really great considering the tiny amount of product you need. I use mine on and off every second day or so mainly because some nights when I feel a bit spotty, I still reach for the AHA cream and it’s not recommended to use both together.

It’s been about two months now since using it and I can definitely say with all certainty that my skin is much more radiant and luminous as compared to before I used the product. I actually wake up in the morning (especially after I used the serum at night) and can immediately notice that the surface is much smoother and my skin seems to be glowing from within, which I am definitely not complaining about!

I do however think that it worked as well as it could on me as I have a few stubborn areas that are pigmented that need a bit of a more heavy hand to get rid of but if you do suffer with pigmentation and are looking for something to help out a hell of a lot with regards to lighting and evening out the skin tone, then I would highly recommend that you invest in this and give it a go.

It retails for R1009.oo and you can purchase it online here


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