Sorbet’s Knock Your Tox Off massage and IBX Power Mani


Any person who has even the slightest interest in good body image will have stumbled across Sorbet Salons sometime in their lives. I recently had a ‘feel good’ day, compliments of Sorbet Cavendish Square and Belvedere where I got to try out two fantastic treatments that is suited to everyone.

I started off the day with a 60 minute Knock Your Tox Off Massage with detoxifying oils (R440) at Cavendish Square and got the lovely Pamela as my masseuse. My appointment was for 12pm but we only started at 12.45 so be sure to add an extra 30 minutes (for getting ready and then dressing again after the massage) to your daily plan if you do go for the massage.


The staff at the salon are so friendly and warm and are bound to make your experience that little bit better by getting to know their clients. I defintley enjoyed their company while waiting for my massage to start!

The treatment rooms are quite lovely and cosy and defintley make you feel relaxed the moment you step into the space. The massage was much needed and Pamela defintley got all my knots out which lead to the tension just disappearing from my body.  About 5 minutes was spent on each limb with the rest of the time being spent on the back and neck area. Everything was absolutely perfect about the massage, especially the use of detoxifying oils while really help to work out all the tension in your muscles and joints. The only thing that I didn’t quite enjoy about doing the massage at Cavendish was that the music which plays in the treatment rooms are quite loud, upbeat and very different to the usual, soothing music you would expect to hear in a treatment room. This, partnered with the fact that I could hear everything happening on the other side of the door including chatter, banging and the phone ringing meant that I was not as relaxed as I would liked to have been and instead of focusing on the massage, I was more focused on what was happening in the salon.

Other than that, if you are suffering from an achy body or tired and lame muscles, then the Knock Your Tox Off Massage is something that I would defintley recommend, Its been a few days since I had the massage but my body is still quite loose and relaxed.

The second treatment I had was the much loved Power Hour Mani with a buff and IBX nail treatment (R160 + R80). I have had the Power Hour Mani in the past but was quite intrigued to experience the IBX treatment which is slowly taking over the beauty industry by storm. IBX is basically used as a natural growth which is used to repair damaged nails. It toughens up the layers of the nail to promote natural and healthy growth that fill up deep grooves while enhancing the natural nail colour and appearance.


My nail therapist, Jill, noted that while my nails were quite strong and healthy, the only issue I really have is slight discolouration and grooves which bother me on a day to day basis. She cleaned my nails and filed them to shape before commencing with the treatment as you have to apply the treatment on clean and dry nails otherwise it won’t penetrate into the nail layers.

The first time you do the treatment is quite a schlep as the manicurist has to apply the repair to the nails, apply heat for four minutes, then do a 30 second burst of LED light to the nails before cleansing and applying the IBX. This process is repeated with the IBX two more times which ensures that the product properly penetrates into the nail to promote improved growth. Because this was my first treatment (you need about 6), I didn’t see any immediate improvements besides that my nails looked much more pink and healthy than before we started, which is great!

Jill was absolutely fabulous through all this and definitely knew her stuff. She also offered advice on what I could do o prevent my nail ridges from splitting in the future and pointed out to me on my nails what I should look out for. It was immediately clear that she absolutely loves her job and knows everything about every single Sorbet treatment on offer.If you are in Cape Town and looking for a great nail treatment then I would highly recommend that you book an appointment with Jill at Belvedere as she was just such a pleasure.

The salon was, just as Cavendish, lovely and clean and utilized the space extremely well while boasting a professional air. Because it was not in a centre such as the one in Cavendish, it was much more peaceful and the environment was relaxing and calm without a bustle, but it would be pretty hard to choose my favorite as keeping in with the Sorbet theme, I felt spoilt and refreshed after just two treatments!

Be sure to visit the Sorbet site and have a look at all the other treatments on offer here  and if you would like to book an appointment with Cavendish or Belveder, then find find their details below:

Belvedere Square Belvedere Road Claremont
Tel: 021 671 7631

Cavendish Square
Dreyer Street Claremont Capetown
Tel: 021 671 5222 Cell: 079 637 6200


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