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My current skincare regime with Avène D-Pigment

A little while ago, my go-to skin care brand, Avène, launched their new D-Pigment Range. I have been using these products religiously for the past 2 months and, coupled with my regular peels and treatments, noticed an improved difference in my skin tone and texture. I have written about the brand many times and have used at least one product a day from them since their launch and have never looked back. If you are struggling with an uneven skin tone, then this range is for you!

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#BeachBagEssentials with the Avène SKIN PROTECT OCEAN RESPECT pledge


Once again, Avène requires no introduction on my end. Avène is one of my absolute favourite skin-care brands and I have been using the products every day since they first launched in South Africa – that’s nearly three years now. They recently launched two new high coverage suncare products which are not only great for your skin and perfect for summer but also help minimise the environmental impact on our oceans. Find out more below on this amazing new initiative and be sure to enter the competition where you can win three of my favorite Avène summer products!

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See the difference with Avène Cleanance

It should come as no surprise that Eau Thermale Avène is one of my all time favorite skin care brands. I have written about them countless of times, carry at least one of their products in my hand bag (with more in my car) and recommend the brand to anyone who will listen (just try shopping with me at Clicks or Dis-Chem). The brand has recently come out with two new products in their Cleanance range and I am simply loving them both. If you suffer with acne-prone of oily skin, then this one’s for you.

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My morning routine with Avène

To be honest, I’ve started feeling as if I write about Avène too much – but I can’t help it. These products are so amazing and no, this is not a sponsored post. I have been using this brand since it launched in South Africa (I feel like it might be 3 years now) and have repurchased multiple products time and time again simply because they are gentle, fuss-free and most importantly, they work! Have a read below to find out why I love these 4 products pictured above and how they make part of my morning routine.

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My evening routine with Avène

Finally, I have found myself at a happy place with my skincare regime. Who would have thought? For so long I struggled to be 100 percent happy with every single product I was using and, even though I have been using Avéne every day for at least 2 years now, I never really had this great of a mix of products from the brand. I use a different selection of the products both morning and evening and thought I would show you my evening routine first.

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